Make Election Day a national holiday!

Target: United States Congress

Have you ever worked on a Tuesday? Had a boss who denied you time off from work? Abandoned a long line because you didn’t have time to wait?

For millions of Americans, voting on Election Day is a logistic and financial struggle – and millions don’t vote because they are unable to overcome the barriers that stand in the way between them and the ballot box. 

Voting is a civil right – so let’s actually make it achievable with a national holiday for Election Day.

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Voting in our country is deeply tilted against low-income folks. From requirements on voter ID that cost money (and time off work) to obtain, to voting locations spread thin in lower income areas (which can make transportation cumbersome and cause hours-long lines), to restrictions on mail-in ballots and early voting…Republicans have built in every discouragement they can imagine up to keep low income communities from participating on Election Day.

A national holiday doesn’t resolve all of these issues single handedly…but it’s one of several major reforms that would make voting the participatory event it’s supposed to be.

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