End the monopolies on COVID-19 vaccines!

Manufacturing rights for COVID-19 vaccines are held by just a few major pharmaceutical companies, and their profit priority is a major problem for countries still struggling to get the vaccine. These companies, clearly unable (or unwilling) to meet global demand, are still far away from being able to produce enough vaccines for everyone in need. 

Big pharma is disproportionately profiting from COVID-19 by withholding a life-saving vaccine so that they can be the ones to produce it. It needs to stop. 

Add your name to call for the government to waive monopoly rights for COVID-19 vaccines!

The government has an obligation to prioritize public health, while big pharma is jeopardizing it. Companies have upped the price of their vaccines by 24x production value, selling 90% of it to richer countries and throwing marginalized countries to the wayside. Almost 2 billion vaccines had been distributed by July of 2021,  while countries like Madagascar had still yet to report any being delivered. 

The difference in treatment between countries is stark, which is all the more reason that allowing a select few massive pharmaceutical companies to control a global supply of vaccines that could end the pandemic is criminal. 

Sign now to demand the government temporarily waive the monopoly and jump-start production of the vaccine supplies the world needs!