Demand the big drug companies ramp up global vaccine production before COVID mutates again!

It’s time to end COVID and stop worrying about variants even worse than Delta. How can we do that? We work to vaccinate people in other countries. Two years into the pandemic, only 2% of people in low-income countries have been reported to receive at least one dose. 

Vaccinating the rest of the world would help ensure that other strains don’t have the slightest chance to spread. All it would take is one deadly strain that resists our vaccines to cause another national shutdown, when we haven’t even fully recovered from the first wave. 

Add your name to demand big pharma ramp up global vaccine production before COVID mutates again!

Drug companies with access to the vaccine must prioritize global production before another COVID mutation appears.

No one is safe until every country is safe. Even though the delta variant is winding down in the US, variants spreading in other countries threaten our public health. American-made vaccines have the ability to stop the spread, and end the pandemic for good. 

It just depends on whether or not big drug companies value profit over people. 

Sign now to tell drug companies it’s time to ramp up global vaccine production and end COVID now!