Demand Congress pass an eviction moratorium to protect millions of Americans at risk of homelessness!

Target: President Biden and the United States Congress

UPDATE: The conservative Justices on the Supreme Court have ended an eviction moratorium that had kept millions of vulnerable Americans from becoming homeless. This would be a reckless decision in normal times, but with the pandemic surging to record levels in much of the country, behind a hyper-contagious delta variant and Republicans who refuse to do what’s necessary to protect themselves and their community, it will be deadly. More than ever, there is an urgent need for Congress to pass legislation that protects the millions of Americans at risk of becoming homeless.

With an estimated 7 million tenants behind on rent at the end of Summer 2021, and the Biden Administration announcing that they did not have the capabilities to extend the federal eviction moratorium, we are entering an unprecedented housing crisis.

At least 1.2 million tenants have said they are very likely to be evicted following the end of the moratorium, which expired at the end of July. Now America faces a race against the clock to find resources and shelter for millions of people. While President Biden has announced a short moratorium that will protect 90% of Americans, those living in high COVID-19 transmission areas, but it is not enough.

Add your name to demand that Congress reconvene and send Biden the legislation he’s called for to extend the federal eviction moratorium in a way that protects every American!

Although Biden has said he does not have the power to extend the original moratorium himself, Congress can reconvene immediately and set in motion what could keep working people across the nation safe and sheltered. 

There has not been nearly enough time for vulnerable individuals to bounce back from the financial and social devastation that COVID-19 initiated. Our leaders letting the moratorium expire without any action is the equivalent to co-signing their names on every single eviction notice that will be issued.  It is not enough to just help a select few who are threatened with eviction, we must help everyone.

We need bold action from Biden and Congress, and fast. Sign here to demand that Congress stay in session until they extend the federal eviction moratorium to protect all Americans!