Stand with John Fetterman as conservative dark money groups try to censor his weed and pride flags!

A right-wing dark money group filed an official complaint with the state of PA about the flags I fly outside my Harrisburg office. But I won’t stop flying my weed + pride flags until both of these things happen, once and for all:

→ 🌈 LGBTQIA+ folks are guaranteed equal justice under law here in PA and across the country

→ ✅ We legalize weed for adult use and expunge the records of every person imprisoned for using the plant

It would be my honor to fight for these policies in the halls of the U.S. Senate if yinz trust me with your vote to flip this crucial Senate seat blue.

If you stand with me in this fight to flip PA blue in 2022 — flags and all —  will you add your name right now? I can’t become that vital 51st Democratic vote in the U.S. Senate without a lot of online grassroots support from people including you.