Tell President Biden and the new Congress: It’s time to legalize marijuana

Target: President Biden and the US Congress

It’s time to end marijuana prohibition. For Justice. Revenue. Jobs. Freedom. Farmers. Veterans.

This could be the year that the United States takes that step, but elected officials need to keep hearing from their constituents. Sign Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s petition now to say you support legal weed.

Prohibition costs states big money. States like Illinois have already banked more than $100m in weed tax revenue. New Jersey just voted to legalize weed and 40% of Pennsylvanians live like 20 minutes or less from the border. Why should New Jersey make all that tax revenue, but not Pennsylvania? In fact, PA could raise $5 billion in the next 20 years through a weed tax.

It’s not just about tax revenue though — it’s about justice. 20,000 Pennsylvania residents are charged with weed possession every year. White and Black people use weed at the same rate, yet Black people are four times more likely to be arrested and charged for its use.

Legal weed is an opportunity to create jobs and support our farmers. It would be an economic boon at a time when we could badly use a break.

Add your name calling for the end of marijuana prohibition in America!