Eliminate the filibuster!

Target: Democrats in the United States Senate

Ending debate for most legislation in the Senate, and moving on to a final vote, requires 60 votes. Which means, the minority party may simply vote against ending debate – thereby blocking legislation that would otherwise pass the final vote with a simple majority. This is the filibuster…no longer epic speeches into the night.

The minority has nearly the same power as the majority, thanks to the filibuster. It’s a strong break from our Constitution, which envisioned simple majority rule. And, it’s been the favorite tool of the GOP to block Democrats’ most progressive attempts at real change…meaning Mitch McConnell still has enormous control.

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The filibuster’s past and present is racist. It has been used since the early 20th-century to block major pieces of civil rights legislation, dramatically slowing our progress toward being a nation-for-all.

And remember our fight to protect Dreamers from Trump? That only happened because the GOP used the filibuster to block The Dream Act in 2010. President Obama has said the filibuster made it impossible for him to effectively govern.

The filibuster HAS to go – now.

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