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Top Stories for November 16:

Donald Trump, who tried to overturn President Biden’s legitimate election, launches 2024 bid

Serial sexual predator and compulsive crime-doer Donald Trump has announced that once again he will be seeking the White House after being unceremoniously ousted by the will of the people just two years ago. You know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, lead a cult of denial, inspire widespread violence, then try try again.”

Take Action: Charge the Trump supporters who compromised ballot machines!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz snaps, has the ultimate meltdown over midterm losses

The reviled Texas senator responded to his party’s historic failure at the ballot box by falling to pieces — giving us all a good laugh in the process.

Take Action: Demand Congress kick Ted Cruz off his committees for pushing offensive conspiracies about the Paul Pelosi attack!

Lauren Boebert’s opponent issues major news on the race

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Big news.

Poland and NATO say deadly blast was likely accident caused by Ukrainian air defense
It appears that the tragic and senseless deaths of two Poles in a Tuesday explosion were caused by Ukraine’s anti-missile missiles and not a deliberate Russian attack, as was originally reported, meaning there need be no worry over the escalation of the Russian-Ukraine war into a larger global conflict. Still, it’s times like these that remind us how important it is to have a level-headed and responsible figure in the White House — from the outset, the Biden administration urged calm until the truth could be discovered and was even applauded by Russia for its “professionalism.”

Take Action: Tell Biden to commit to ending fossil fuels!

Judge overturns Georgia’s ban on abortion around 6 weeks
The judge correctly ruled that the Republican Party’s draconian six week abortion ban must be struck down because it violates the US Constitution and the Supreme Court precedent that was in place when it was enacted. Expect a GOP counterattack.

Take Action: Oppose Congressional GOP attacks on LGBTQ+ rights!

False claim about Iran protester executions goes viral with help from celebrities and politicians

It turns out that viral headline you may have seen about Iran “executing 15,000” protestors is not true, despite being sent viral by the right-wing propagandists who now run Newsweek. It’s a cautionary tale about how in the social media age, we need to bring a saltshaker when confronted with overtly hysterical and preposterous horror stories like this about Iran or America’s other “adversaries.” This one gained traction thanks to villains like Mike Pompeo and well-meaning politicians like Justin Trudeau, who as prime minister should definitely be doing some fact-checking. These lies are created and co-opted by the worst political elements in this country to villainize and bang the drums of war, and it’s a reminder you should always be wary about stories like this that so obviously serve the neoconservative imperial project.

Take Action: Tell Congress to add new tax brackets for the megawealthy!

Kevin McCarthy beats challenger 188-31 to lead House GOP
It turns out that crime DOES pay and so does cowardice. At least in today’s Republican Party.

Republicans are all too happy to let their hypocrisy distract from climate crisis they are feeding and profiting from

EDF Action: The Environmental Defense Fund is working overtime to call out Republicans’ threat to the planet and force meaningful action before it’s too late. Chip in to help them get the job done!

Trump shares appalling demonic child sacrifice meme to rile up his deranged base
He may be running for the White House again but it turns out his time in the political wilderness has only made him even more insane, and now he’s dredging up some truly psychotic content from his MAGA acolytes.

Texas governor says bus carrying asylum seekers is heading to Philadelphia
Greg Abbott clearly doesn’t care about the widespread backlash against his cruel migrant trafficking stunts. It’s crucial to remember that for these Republicans cruelty IS the point. Nothing is accomplished by this move except the further victimization of vulnerable people.

Raphael Warnock sues Georgia over early voting restrictions for runoff
The Democratic senator’s campaign is suing to overturn the anti-democratic Republican rule that bans Saturday voting ahead of the runoff election —a blatant mechanism of voter suppression aimed at disenfranchising Democrats.

Facebook will stop fact-checking Trump after he announces 2024 presidential run
By now it should be clear that these massive companies don’t care about truth, they don’t care about responsible civics, they don’t even care about literal coup attempts. For them, money trumps everything in the end.

Livin’ in America

Beyond the sea


Today’s Action: Sign up to cure ballots in Arizona!

Volunteers are desperately needed to cure ballots in races around the country — especially if we’re going to secure the remaining seats in battleground states. All it takes is one minor mistake for a ballot to be flagged, and correcting it in time means it could be thrown out entirely, thanks to Republican vote-suppressing rules. EVERY VOTE is necessary to our movement, which is why curing ballots is one of the most crucial ways to protect and support our democracy right now.

There’s only so much time left to help out, so take action and sign up for a shift TODAY. It requires a little more training than phone and text banking, but most events will have a training period to help you get acclimated before jumping in. Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada are just some of the places asking for help — but no matter where you hop in, your contribution is vital.

If you don’t know which race to start with, Westwide Democrats HQ is hosting multi-state ballot curing events EVERY THURSDAY from 6-8:30PM PST for the foreseeable future. You can also search through state-specific events on Mobilize. Make a commitment today to make sure every vote counts!


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