End voter suppression now!

As voter suppression tactics are on the rise, First American voters are being uniquely targeted by state legislature’s attempts to restrict access to the polls.

Only allowing early voting by request, demanding that non-early voting must take place in a polling place or a center, requiring fingerprints of a “unique security code” for in-person voters – these are just some of the policies proposed to make voting even more inaccessible.

In the Arizona State Legislature specifically, there are a number of bills being introduced to implement extreme voting measures – such as replacing existing ID’s with a new voter ID card, which would require a passport or citizenship certificate (no longer permitting tribal IDs to be used at the polls.)

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In a swing state like Arizona, where the First American vote is so important, these measures are outright hurdles to prevent minority groups from voting – and uniquely target Indigenous voters. This is why the work of Four Directions Native Vote is crucial as it is the only organization specifically focused on advocating for Native American voters.

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