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Top Stories for March 11:

Ron DeSantis watched prisoners tortured, laughed in their faces at Gitmo

Before he made a name for himself bullying teens, banning books, and trafficking migrants, turns out Ron DeSantis was a Navy lawyer who oversaw torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Take Action: Tell Florida to reject the bill legalizing the kidnapping of trans kids!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox CEO issues jaw-dropping response to Dominion lawsuit

In the face of a dire legal challenge that could cost his shareholders $1.6 billion, Lachlan Murdoch launched into a laughable defense of his network that, not unlike its news coverage, bears literally no resemblance to reality.

Take Action: Tell Biden to kick Fox News out of the White House press pool!

Kevin McCarthy, George Santos, Marjorie Taylor Greene

DCCC: This is who controls the levers of power in Washington — a Trump sycophant, a pathological liar, and an unhinged conspiracy theorist. If we ever want to see Washington accomplish anything ever again and protect all the historic accomplishments we’ve achieved under President Biden, we need to flip the House back to blue. Can you chip in to help Democrats win?

GOP ex-lawmaker who was convicted of rape gets sued for doxxing, harassing victim
Two years after raping his 19-year-old intern, former Republican State Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger is being sued for conspiring with a current GOP legislator to retaliate against his victim. But tell us again how this family values party isn’t waging a war on women.

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Family of slain “Cop City” protestor says hands were raised when troopers shot him
Lawyers for the family of Manuel Teran indicated Friday that an independent autopsy confirms that Manuel Teran was likely seated with his legs crossed and his arms extended outwards when he was shot and killed – completely contradicting the official narrative of his death. The police have refused to cooperate with the family thus far. “Imagine the police killed your child. And now then imagine they won’t tell you anything. That is what we are going through,” said Teran’s mother. It’s what a lot of Black families are going through in America right now.

Take Action: Charge the cops who killed a man picking up his little brother from middle school!

Silicon Valley lender suffers second largest bank collapse in US history in just 48 hours
After the bank publicized its need to shore up its balance sheets with an infusion of $2.25 billion, customers panicked in a massive run, withdrawing $42 billion, and sending the feds swooping in to take over. In the wreckage, a whole bunch of libertarian gazillionaires are pointing fingers at each other and pleading with the government to save them.

House Republicans extremists release list of demands in debt ceiling standoff

If America ever wants to see its economy alive again, hostage takers from the so-called Freedom Caucus have demanded protections for struggling Americans be rolled back years… presumably these rollbacks should be delivered in small, unmarked bills at a location to be disclosed later, no cops. Reminder: the debt ceiling debate is about paying bills America currently owes, and the people threatening default like to call themselves “fiscally responsible” without a hint of irony.

Biden finally shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen About time.

Brian Tyler Cohen’s videos are now in Spanish! And if you want to help support the Spanish effort, you can also watch and subscribe just to get things moving in the algorithm. Every bit helps!

Biden to approve controversial Willow oil drilling project in Alaska
Despite massive protests, the Biden administration is expected to approve the multi-billion-dollar ConocoPhillips oil project planned for Alaska’s northern Arctic coast. Experts have warned that the proposed facility, which is expected to produce 180,000 barrels of oil a day when it reaches full capacity, threatens local communities and wildlife and puts emission reduction targets in serious jeopardy. Y’all. This man has been the most effective and progressive president in most of our lifetimes, and he still may end human life on the planet because capitalism.

Philadelphia District Attorney’s office probes cops charged in multiple sex crimes
Three police and public safety officers have been accused of abusing dozens of victims, and now Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner wants to get to the bottom of it all. “If you’re asking if there’s an abuse of power here, hell yeah there was an abuse of power here,” he told reporters. Tragically, we hear stories like this all the time and know many more go unreported, but here we have an official stepping up to say it’s not ok. Take note, America’s DAs and follow Krasner’s example.

New emails reveal Rupert Murdoch ordered Donald Trump, Jr’s girlfriend fired from Fox
In an email complaining about Fox’s competitor Newsmax, the longtime head of Fox News’ parent company wrote, “Newsmax not good people! Being advised by [Guilfoyle] who I insisted we fire for inappropriate behavior.” This revelation seems to confirm earlier reporting by the New Yorker that Guilfoyle was sacked because she shared dick pics with her colleagues, spoke explicitly about sex in front of coworkers, and tried to coerce an assistant “to submit to a Fox employee’s demands for sexual favors.” In other words, she had the audacity to behave like a man at Fox.

Ninth grader accosted for walking during Pledge of Allegiance sues school
15-year-old Marissa Barnwell was walking through the halls of her South Carolina high school and didn’t stop for the Pledge of Allegiance. That triggered a teacher who grabbed her and pushed her into a wall before sending her to the principal’s office. “No one has apologized, no one has acknowledged my hurt,” she told reporters gathered for a press conference. “The fact that the school is defending that kind of behavior is unimaginable.” Maybe it’s time we started pledging allegiance to basic human decency.



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