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Top Stories for April 26:

Fox News has a secret “oppo file” to keep Tucker Carlson in check, sources say

The ousted host’s week from hell took a turn for the even worse as EIGHT sources inside and around Fox News revealed that the infamously unscrupulous network has an entire dossier of “dirt” on the fired host that they will release if he tries to attack or smear his former employer.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tucker Carlson, Fox News hit with brutal news on national TV

A former producer for the ousted fascist talking head is spilling the beans on the inner workings of Carlson’s hate-fueled show, and the truth is every bit as horrifying as we suspected.

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Winning one open Arizona seat is key to taking back the House

Yassamina Ansari for Congress: Winning in Arizona means we get our majority back — and losing means that some of the most unhinged election-denying, democracy-hating Trumpers in the country will be headed to Washington. Yassmina Ansari is a fantastic candidate running for Congress in a crucial Arizona seat to make sure we deliver President Biden a new majority for his second term! Can you chip in to help keep Trump’s most radical minions out of office?

Feds charge man who tried to firebomb Ohio church to stop drag show
Prosecutors have charged an Ohio “white lives matter” advocate for trying to burn down a church with Molotov cocktails because he wanted to stop a drag show that was scheduled to take place there — a direct result of the Republican Party’s relentless smear campaign against the LGBTQ community.

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Washington state forced to close Capitol as governor signs AR-15 ban
Security concerns about right-wing opposition to the state’s new gun safety legislation prompted a shutdown of the Capitol but did nothing to dissuade Gov. Jay Inslee from signing a bill banning AR-15s and 50 other kinds of assault weapons. Inslee correctly stated that such weapons “have no reason other than mass murder” and they exist to “kill humans as rapidly as possible in large numbers.” While this is certainly a major victory for gun reform advocates, the job will not be complete until a similar ban is instituted at the federal level.

Take Action: Demand NO guns on college campuses!

Biden announces 2024 reelection bid: “Let’s finish this job”

After an already historically successful first term — especially when compared to the unparalleled disaster that was his predecessor’s administration — Joe Biden has officially announced what most of us have long expected: he is running for another four years in 2024. “Finish the job” is Biden’s official campaign slogan and serves to summarize how he will cap off a lifetime of service to the American people by further growing the economy, strengthening the power of labor unions, and keeping the specter of Republican authoritarianism at bay.

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Drag queens protest against Florida law that targets drag shows
A massive crowd of drag performers and supporters gathered at the Florida Capitol to oppose Ron DeSantis’ hateful, anti-LGBTQ legislative assault on their community. Their actions should inspire all of us to be more vocal in this struggle. If we fail to speak out loudly and often, the right wing of this country will not stop until it’s illegal to be anything other than cis and heterosexual.

Republicans’ bombshell election scheme gets exposed

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s about time they got caught.

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Florida GOP lawmakers ready move allowing DeSantis to run for president without resigning
The constant avalanche of bad press for the Florida governor has apparently not been enough to dissuade him from a 2024 presidential bid. DeSantis’ cronies in the Florida state Legislature are proceeding apace with a plan to change the state rules to allow the one-time Trump ally to run for the White House without resigning as governor.

Chokeholds, chemical spray, and head strikes: Rikers’ federal monitor details abusive correction officer unit
In a development that should surprise none and horrify all, it’s been revealed that a unit of correction officers in charge of responding to emergencies at Rikers Island — New York City’s massive jail complex — has a tendency to exacerbate situations, with officers putting incarcerated people in chokeholds, spraying them with chemicals, and hitting them on their heads, according to a federal monitor who oversees the facility’s operations. In one particular incident, a “very large cadre” of Emergency Services Unit officers conducted a “disorganized search operation that quickly became chaotic,” resulting in compliant prisoners being brutalized. One inmate suffered seizures only to be “left unattended for a substantial period of time.” The grim irony here is hard to ignore — the people guarding our prisons often belong in cells themselves.

Republican plan could limit food aid for nearly one million people, USDA says
The GOP’s yearslong assault on the poor is alive and well, as party leaders rolled out yet another “work requirement” plan to strip benefits from low-income Americans receiving critical aid through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Nearly one million Americans could find it harder to access federal food aid under Republicans’ new plan, which President Biden has thankfully promised to veto.

Clarence Thomas helped kill eviction ban threatening crooked billionaire benefactor’s business
The nakedly corrupt Supreme Court Justice voted to end federal tenant protections that billionaire sugar daddy Harlan Crow’s company says threatened its real estate profit margins, according to corporate documents. Thomas curiously chose not to disclose his cozy relationship with the real estate developer, nor did he recuse himself from the 2021 case in question, despite the glaring conflict of interest and its potential impact on Crow Holdings. A friendly reminder that for years Crow paid for Thomas’ luxury trips and private travel, painting an inescapable picture of a justice who could not care less about the law. Impeachment is not enough. Clarence Thomas should be indicted.


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Today’s Action: Tell Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to release wrongfully convicted Keith LaMar!

Death row inmate Keith LaMar is set to be executed November 16th, 2023, despite extensive evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of murder by the state of Ohio. LaMar, imprisoned in 1989 for using deadly force to defend himself against a violent home robbery, was only four years into his sentence when an uprising broke out at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. The event resulted in the death of a prison guard as well as multiple inmates, and with no one to pin the catastrophe on at the time the state worked as hard as they could to ensure LaMar would take the blame — all to maintain the illusion that they had the situation under control.

Paid informants offered false testimony, evidence of his innocence was intentionally withheld (including a confession to one of the murders from another inmate), and potential Black jurors were intentionally dismissed from hearing the trial. Keith LaMar, an innocent Black man, was sentenced to death by an all-white jury and judge. He has subsequently spent the last 28 years in solitary confinement with no exceptions for good behavior, fighting to keep his indomitable spirit alive.

Write Gov. DeWine and demand that he IMMEDIATELY release LaMar!

In 2011, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty asserted “that no one should be indicted, let alone sentenced to death, based solely on the uncorroborated testimony of jailhouse informants.” This is an independent task force of retired judges, attorneys, and college professors that was literally brought together by the Ohio Supreme Court. Based on this recommendation alone, LaMar should NOT be sentenced to death.

LaMar has suffered physical and mental abuse for nearly three decades for a crime he did not commit, thanks to a badly broken, notoriously racist justice system. It’s past time to make it right.

Fill out Gov. DeWine’s “Contact Us” form to call for the immediate release of Keith LaMar, before it’s too late!

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