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Top Stories for April 17:

Judge delays Fox News defamation trial, settlement speculation swirls

Without citing a reason, the Delaware judge overseeing Dominion Voting System’s $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News announced late Sunday that he was delaying the start of the trial until Tuesday. While an historic settlement might seem appealing to Dominion on financial grounds, it would also rob the American public from learning in granular detail the full scale of Fox News’ misinformation machinations and expose the network for what it actually is — a democracy-busting propaganda weapon in total service to the GOP and its rotten agenda.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Katie Porter eviscerates Piers Morgan to his face as audience erupts

Piers brought his bullshit. Katie brought receipts. Roll the tape.

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Radical Speaker McCarthy is a huge problem for America

John Burrows for Congress: John Burrows is the young, charismatic leader we need to solve that problem and send McCarthy packing. We can’t risk another day — let alone two more years — of letting Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz pulling Kevin McCarthy’s strings and turning our Congress into a circus of conspiracy. Can you take a moment for a brief survey on his campaign to send McCarthy home in disgrace?

Marjorie Taylor Greene trolls Lindsey Graham with doctored, transphobic photo
The Grand Old Party is having a grand old southern spat, where the deeply irresponsible and self-serious senator from South Carolina took umbrage with the deeply irresponsible and self-serious congresswoman from Georgia and her pathetic hot take on the Pentagon leaker story. Greene responded in stately fashion, sharing a doctored photo of Graham hoisting a can of Bud Light with trans-activist Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it in some sort of homophobic dig. Hoo boy. Republicans, amirite?

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Shooting at Alabama birthday party kills 4 people, wounds 28
The full scope of Saturday night’s horrific birthday party massacre in Alabama is coming into focus. More blood spilled. More lives shattered. Another community crushed. And, of course, more empty “thoughts & prayers” platitudes from Republican lawmakers who continue to do nothing in the face of rampant, unchecked gun violence.

Hundreds demand hate crime charges against Kansas City man who shot Black teen

Ralph Yarl, 16, was on his way to pick up his twin brothers from a friend’s house and arrived at the wrong address, about a block away. After Yarl rang the doorbell at the wrong address, the homeowner — who is currently free — shot him in the head through a glass door and again after he fell to the ground. Make it make sense.

“Rough week”: Fox News host says things aren’t looking good in Dominion case
Despite network-wide attempts to muzzle news anchors and opinion barkers alike, word is getting out that all is not well in the halcyon halls of Fox News. Anchor Howard Kurtz told viewers on Sunday it had been a “very rough week” for the conservative network. Uh, yeah. Defaming businesses, disseminating blatant lies about election fraud, and whipping half the country into a conspiratorial frenzy may be hazardous to your company’s fiscal health.

Top Republican donor issues brutal news to his party

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a great day for Republicans…

Democratic congresswoman blasts GOP’s “pro-starvation agenda” as McCarthy plots food aid cuts
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reportedly set to unveil a proposal today that would slash federal food aid for millions of people as part of Republicans’ broader plan to avert a debt ceiling crisis of their own making, drawing the ire of Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Summer Lee. “My family and I depended on food stamps. So do over 65,000 men, women, and children in the community I serve… We cannot allow Republicans’ threats to crash our economy if we don’t bend to their pro-starvation agenda,” the first-term congresswoman said.

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Clarence Thomas to amend financial disclosure forms to reflect shady real estate deal with GOP megadonor
Thomas now intends to amend his financial disclosure forms to reflect a 2014 real estate deal he made with GOP megadonor and Nazi-enthusiast Harlan Crow — an acknowledgment that the more-than-a-little-sketchy transaction should definitely have been disclosed almost a decade ago.


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Today’s Action: Tell Ohio Governor DeWine to release wrongfully convicted Keith Lamar!

Death row inmate Keith Lamar is set to be executed November 16th, 2023, despite extensive evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of murder by the state of Ohio. Lamar, imprisoned after defending himself against a home robbery, was four years into his sentence when an uprising at Lucasville Prison occurred. The melee resulted in the death of one prison guard, as well as multiple inmates, and with no one person to blame at the time the state worked as hard as they could to ensure Lamar would take the fall — all to maintain the illusion that officials had the situation under control.

Paid informants offered false testimony, evidence of Lamar’s innocence was intentionally withheld (including a confession to one of the murders from another inmate), and Black jurors were intentionally restricted from taking part in the trial. Keith Lamar, an innocent Black man, was sentenced to death by an all-white jury and judge. He has subsequently spent the last 28 years in solitary confinement with no exceptions for good behavior, fighting to keep his indomitable spirit alive.

Write to Governor Dewine’s office and demand that they IMMEDIATELY release Lamar!

In 2011, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty asserted “that no one should be indicted, let alone sentenced to death, based solely on the uncorroborated testimony of jailhouse informants.” This is an independent task force of retired judges, attorneys, and college professors that was literally brought together by the Ohio Supreme Court. Based on this recommendation alone, Lamar should absolutely NOT be put to death.

Lamar has suffered ongoing physical and mental abuse for more than two decades for a crime he clearly did not commit. It’s well past time to make it right.

Fill out the Governor’s “Contact Us” form to call for the swift release of Keith Lamar, before it’s too late!

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