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Top Stories for May 21:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News hosts caught lying red-handed live on air

In news that should shock exactly no one, right-wing TV talkers and their Republican allies were caught telling lie after lie after lie for days on end about homeless US veterans being displaced from New York hotels to accommodate sUpEr ScArY asylum seekers. Turns out the entire story was simply made up to demonize immigrants and score cheap points against Democrats.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Brian Tyler Cohen hits 2 MILLION subscribers on YouTube

Congratulations to our friend and partner on hitting this incredible milestone! Truthfully, BTC is the hardest — and smartest — working person in political show business, and his success is a huge win for our movement and party. We’d tell him to take a much deserved break, but with so much at stake in the next 18 months, we know “rest” is not in the cards. We couldn’t be happier for Brian and are confident that he doesn’t wear pants in his videos.

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It’s time to end Ivy League legacy admissions for GOOD

Exclusion U: Legacy admissions are nothing but institutionalized nepotism, allowing the spoiled scions of the rich and famous to coast their way through life while more deserving, hard-working students are left out in the cold — and to make matters worse, these institutions receive huge sums of taxpayer dollars. Will you add your name to demand an end this corrupt and unfair practice?

Latest lawyer to quit Trump team cites disagreements with close adviser
Timothy Parlatore, a one-time key lawyer in Trump’s stolen classified documents debacle, said there were “certain individuals that made defending the president much harder than it needed to be.” Uh, we can think of one person in particular who definitely fits that bill.

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Maryland reporter slammed for “both sides” tweet on man who carries AR-15 at school bus stop
WBAL-TV journalist Tolly Taylor was slammed for soft-pedaling his story about a local MAGA man who routinely carries an AR-15-style rifle near a school bus stop in Severn, Maryland, terrifying children on their way to and from school. To be clear, there aren’t two sides here. Assault rifles are killing machines. They belong nowhere near bus stops. Or in the hands of ordinary citizens.

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Ron DeSantis’ drag ban is aready killing Pride events in Florida

The radical right-wing governor’s war on queer people has already wrecked multiple Pride celebrations in Florida this year, precisely as the real-life Disney villain and pudding aficionado intended.

Rights advocates blast FBI for abusing surveillance tool 278,000+ times
Friday’s jarring revelations about US law enforcement’s abuse of a powerful surveillance tool confirmed the worst fears of advocates and likely further complicated a brewing battle in Congress over reauthorizing a constitutionally dubious spying law. Albert Fox Cahn, founder and executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, argued that the data collected under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act “is nothing short of a loaded gun aimed at the heart of a democracy, a lawless digital dragnet systematically abused by those who swore to uphold the law.”

CNN suffers ultimate humiliation after Trump town hall

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond embarrassing.

George Santos’ mysterious campaign treasurer disappears
After months of listing the still unidentified “Andrew Olson” as campaign treasurer, “Game of Thrones” creator and former astronaut George Santos has replaced the mystery man with…himself! in his latest filings with the Federal Election Commission. Who wants to bet that this Andrew Olson doesn’t actually exist?

Mother of 8-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody in Texas says pleas for hospital care were denied
Mabel Alvarez Benedicks said CBP agents repeatedly ignored pleas to hospitalize her medically fragile daughter as she felt pain in her bones, struggled to breathe, and was unable to walk. “They killed my daughter, because she was nearly a day and a half without being able to breathe,” the mother said. “She cried and begged for her life and they ignored her.”

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