Demand Fox be held liable for vaccine disinformation that’s getting people killed!

With new variants spreading and hospitalizations for the unvaccinated on the rise, public health officials are cracking down on combating vaccine misinformation from places like Fox News and Facebook. Much of the unvaccinated has said they don’t plan to change their minds, and without higher vaccination rates we can expect a spike in mortality rates and breakthrough infections for those who are vaccinated.

Fox News is responsible for the COVID-19 deaths of every viewer who declined the vaccine in part because of their biased and misleading coverage.

Add your name to call for prosecutors to prosecute Fox News and encourage civil suits against the Network for deadly vaccine disinformation!

In the most recent COVID-19 spike, there have been accounts on multiple social media sites from unvaccinated people detailing their regret to not receive the vaccine — from intensive care units. 

In states like Vermont, where their vaccination rate is over 80%, much of life is returning to normal. This is a drastic difference from much of the rest of the United States, where mask mandates are returning as well as a looming threat of another lockdown. 

This is a deadly issue of public health. Without a major shift in vaccine messaging, we will be in this for the long haul. Sign here to demand Fox be held accountable for misinforming the masses!