Tell film/tv execs in Georgia to stand against voter suppression laws!

Target: Georgia Film/Television Executives

In the wake of losing both Senate seats and their electoral votes for Trump, the Georgia GOP has responded by lashing out against the BIPOC voters who elected Democrats, passing a slew of voter suppression policies that overtly target Black voters. 

But Georgia’s film/television industry is one of the biggest creators of jobs and wealth in the state, producing dozens of major tv shows and films each year. It’s time for them to speak up.

Add your name to demand Georgia’s film and television industry executives stand with voter rights activists in condemning racist voter suppression laws – and support the local organizations fighting against it!

Laws recently passed include reductions of ballot drop boxes (which will obviously play out more in BIPOC neighborhoods) and making it illegal to pass out food and water to voters waiting in long lines…

…because they say banning snacks will help prevent voter fraud? Nah, it’s just racist excuses to deter Black voters any way possible.

Film/TV executives must band together with local organizers to stop this return to Jim Crow.

Sign here to demand Georgia’s film/television industry speak out against racist GOP voter suppression laws, and support the local activists fighting them!