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Top Stories for January 7:

McCarthy strikes devil’s bargain with legislative terrorists, impasse ends as he secures speakership on 15th ballot

After 4 excruciating days of GOP dysfunction, obstruction and swampy behind-the-scenes horse trading, the mega MAGA caucus finally lifted their siege on the Republican establishment after McCarthy put his personal lust for power above the good of the country with a devil’s bargain. He would end up giving in to so many of Gaetz’s concessions that the Florida man had “nothing left to ask for.” Now the real obstruction, dysfunction, and outrageous squandering of public funds on scurrilous investigations into right-wing chain email conspiracy theories can begin!

Take Action: Investigate Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking and statutory rape!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed up Pete Buttigieg destroys Fox host on his own show

Fox News anchor Bret Baier thought he had the Transportation Secretary cornered with a gotcha question about his husband, but Buttigieg swatted him and his question like fly.

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Will Trump be indicted in 2023?

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Rudy Giuliani accused of being ‘sexist sexual predator and abuser’ in lawsuit from former employee
Writer and business consultant Noelle Dunphy accused the disgraced Trump lawyer and ex-New York mayor of sexually harassing her after she started working for him in 2019 and then threatening her into silence after he fired her. She’s seeking $3.1 million in damages from Giuliani for creating a toxic work environment and threatening her when she tried to go public with her story.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into Rudy Giuliani for allegations of sexual predation!

Biden marks insurrection anniversary by honoring 1/6 heroes and election workers
The president awarded one of the nation’s highest civilian honors to 14 individuals who showed courage during the 2020 election and the January 6th insurrection. Among them were Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, who endured harassment and death threats after ex-President Trump made them the center of an election conspiracy theory.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

GOP Rep had to be restrained by his colleagues during confrontation with Matt Gaetz

Alabama Republican Mike Rogers was physically restrained by another GOP colleague after a heated exchange between Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy nearly spiraled out of control – and it was all caught on camera! With every passing day, the GOP looks less and less like a political party and more like a shameful mockery of a WWE event, with all the name-calling and chair-throwing that accompanies it.

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

5 New Mexico Democrats targeted in separate shootings in recent weeks
The FBI is working with local and state police to investigate shootings that have targeted prominent Democratic politicians’ homes or offices over the past month. Multiple rounds have been fired into doors and building walls, in some cases while elected officials were inside with their families. It’s hard to not see how these could be unrelated, especially given the level of inciting anti-Democrat rhetoric being pumped out by Fox and the right-wing propaganda machine.

The GOP’s deal with the devil is horrifying news for our planet Now that Kevin McCarthy is Speaker of the House, all the incredible progress that the Biden administration has made in fighting climate change and securing investments for a green future are at risk — and greedy corporate polluters are celebrating. Can you chip in to help take the critical climate fight to the most powerful people in government?

Trump posts picture of himself as Speaker after Matt Gaetz nominated him
Trump took to his Truth Social account with all the maturity that one would expect of not only an ex-president but also a 76-year-old man, posting a doctored photo of him in the Speaker’s chair sticking his tongue out at President Biden. Yeah, we should definitely give this guy another shot, right?

Biden economy adds 223K jobs in December, beating expectations
Yet another stellar monthly jobs report brings the total number of jobs added in Biden’s second year to 4.5 million, more than enough to wipe out the job losses created by the coronavirus pandemic he inherited — to the consternation of Wall Street and the oligarch media class, who once again began wishcasting for a recession because just not enough people are being fired for their liking — and companies might have to keep spending money paying people! Can you imagine?

DeSantis activates Florida National Guard in ludicrous new immigration stunt
A recent wave of Cuban migrants reaching the Florida Keys by boat is the ostensible excuse, but the decision to call up uniformed military personnel is nothing but another cheap dog and pony show to grandstand on immigration and foment anger at President Biden, who DeSantis called out during his announcement.

6-year-old in custody after shooting teacher at Virginia elementary school
In case you didn’t think that America’s gun violence epidemic could sink to new lows, you were wrong. A six-year-old is IN CUSTODY for shooting his teacher at a Virginia elementary school, and police say it was NOT accidental. SIX YEARS OLD. America, we love you, but there is something very, very, very wrong.


America the beautiful?

What a wonderful world?



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