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Top Stories for February 25:

New report reveals George Santos lied to a judge in court

During a bail hearing for a confessed ATM thief, 6-time Nobel Laureate and reining Southwest Monkey Juggling Champion George Santos told a Seattle area judge, “I work for Goldman Sachs” — something we all now know is a lie. If only there was a word for that. *cough* perjury! *cough*

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene loses it with most bananas “plan” yet

The most powerful woman in Congress, the Rep with the ear of Republican Speaker McCarthy and disgraced ex-president Trump, now suggests that Democratic voters forfeit rights when they move to “red states.” Because for today’s Republican Party, nothing says “freedom” like fascism.

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Lauren Boebert gets bad news in Colorado

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Alabama bill calls for murder charges against women who seek abortions
The grotesque “Abolish Abortion in Alabama Act” would classify abortions as homicides. This isn’t about constitutional originalism or separation of powers, and it certainly isn’t about limited government or any other bullshit Republican talking point. This is literally about imprisoning women who have the audacity to make their own reproductive healthcare choices.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban partisan gerrymandering!

White supremacists declare today “day of hate”
Though no explicit threat of violence has been identified, police in major cities are calling for increased vigilance this weekend in the face of Neo-Nazis and white nationalist groups across social media who have encouraged their followers to engage in vandalism and other forms of terrorism. Sadly, we can’t just dismiss this as a bunch of bigots doing it for the likes and follows. When celebrities, right wing news hosts and former presidents embrace or otherwise condone white supremacism, this is what we get.

Federal investigators believe Trump engaged in “shell game” to steal classified documents found months after raid

The Justice Department wants to know how a box of classified records turned up at Mar-a-Lago late last year, long after several searches by lawyers, the FBI and the National Archives concluded. Special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed multiple Trump aides to determine why this and other boxes were ordered moved several times by the disgraced former president in an apparent attempt to evade investigators. It’s almost as if he’s deliberately conspiring to steal national secrets for personal gain. Almost…

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban Trump from running in 2024!

Police shoot and kill man for allegedly stealing pair of sunglasses
Let’s cut to the chase here. Yes, Timothy McCree Johnson was Black, and no, there was no evidence that he was a threat to anyone. He stole a pair of sunglasses and ran away, and police shot him to death. Over a pair of sunglasses.

Hyundai finally ditches Alabama plant caught skirting child labor laws
Disturbing revelations that migrant kids – some as young as 12 – were found working in a massive factory in Montgomery triggered a flurry of audits and internal investigations at the South Korean auto giant, which finally announced it would divest its controlling stake in the auto parts plant.

Study reveals alarmingly elevated rates of depression among teenage girls
The results of the CDC sponsored study of more than 17,000 students showed that general well-being is catastrophically poor among teenage girls, with 57% of them reporting feeling “persistently sad or hopeless” – a 10-year high.

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Kansas House passes bill denying kids food aid if child support payments not current
Kansas Republicans have decided that the best way to force absentee parents to pay their fair share is by starving innocent children.

Democratic attorneys general sue FDA to drop all restrictions on abortion pill
In an inspiring show of force, twelve Democratic state AGs are demanding the FDA remove restrictions on Mifepristone. The move is a preemptive strike meant to blunt a case brought before a federal judge in Texas by anti-choice activists designed to nullify the FDA’s decades-old approval of Mifepristone in what amounts to a backdoor ban on pill-based abortion.


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