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Top Stories for January 12:

George Santos exposed for absurdly claiming to be a star volleyball player at a college he never even attended

The Republican professional bullshit artist has already racked up an impressive stack of lies, and now his county’s GOP chairman has revealed that Santos claimed he was a “star sportsman” who helped his college volleyball team win a league championship — at Baruch College, a school he never attended.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: George Santos hit with fatal blow to his political career

Congress’ most notorious liar has barely been in office for a week and already he’s struggling to keep his head above water — and now members of his own party are turning against him.

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Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Text messages corroborate allegations that Republican power player Matt Schlapp sexually assaulted a staffer
The head of the American Conservative Union — who also happens to be a hardcore Trumper and George Bush’s ex-political director — became embroiled in scandal after a male staffer claimed the married father of five sexually assaulted him in a car. Now, contemporaneous text messages have surfaced that seem to prove the serious allegations that he groped a staffer and then had the nerve to tell him to pick him up the next day.

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People in Alabama can be prosecuted for taking abortion pills, state attorney general says
Alabamians who use abortion pills to end pregnancies can now be prosecuted by the state, even if those pills were prescribed remotely from somewhere else in the country. The draconian new rule comes shortly after the federal government made it easier to prescribe the pills mifepristone and misoprostol — used for medical abortions — amid a larger, nationwide battle over abortion rights. Alabama is among 18 states that have issued heinous new abortion restrictions since the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision to reverse Roe v. Wade.

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Andrew Tate reportedly texted “I love raping you” to alleged victim

The right-wing influencer and professional misogynist nabbed headlines recently for getting arrested in Romania shortly after getting raked across the coals by climate activist Greta Thunberg in a silly online feud. The influx of attention has led to the unearthing of damning messages he sent to a woman he allegedly raped — and judging by the content of his texts and voicemails, there’s nothing “alleged” about it.

Take Action: Replace Joe Manchin as Energy chairman!

Blaze editor who tweeted “shoot guns and watch college football” in 2023 shoots self in foot during college football championship
Jessica O’Donnell, an employee of Glenn Beck’s odious conservative media empire, proved that manifestation really does work by fulfilling an idiotic prophecy just ten days after making it.

The real Speaker of the House: Matt Gaetz

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President Biden under scrutiny as second batch of classified documents reportedly found
Republicans are frothing at the mouth trying to draw a false equivalency between Biden voluntarily returning a small number of classified documents and Donald Trump intentionally obstructing justice and stealing more than a hundred sensitive national secrets, requiring an FBI raid to recover them. While there’s simply no comparing the two, the Department of Justice is — and absolutely should be — taking the Biden documents revelations seriously.

Team Trump hit with fresh Jan. 6 subpoenas
Staffers working on the disgraced ex-president’s latest bid for the Oval Office received subpoenas early last month seeking information related to the Justice Department’s criminal probe into the Jan. 6 insurrection — a clear sign that Special Counsel Jack Smith is taking his investigation very seriously and Trump’s legal woes are far from over.

White House blasts Ron DeSantis for deploying National Guard to deal with Cuban migrants
Florida’s pugnacious right-wing governor is once again exploiting his powers and wasting taxpayer dollars to target marginalized migrant communities — because in today’s Republican Party cruelty and spectacle are the point. This time, DeSantis is using the National Guard to halt undocumented migrants arriving in the Florida Keys, a move lambasted by the Biden administration as “actually creating a problem.”

Blockbuster New York Times story accidentally leaked phone numbers of Russian soldiers criticizing war
A blockbuster investigation from the New York Times in September, 2022, inadvertently exposed the phone numbers of Russian soldiers as well as the apparent civilian family members they were speaking to. Some of these people were providing a frank assessment of the ongoing Ukraine war, including blunt criticisms of their superiors and Vladimir Putin himself. The exposure potentially put the soldiers at risk of brutal reprisal from their own government and third parties.


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