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Top Stories for May 20:

Rep. George Santos scammed his fellow Republicans, too: Report

Turns out the 5-time world ice fishing champion and Jello inventor wasn’t just scamming his donors, he also got several of his fellow Republican candidates to spend huge sums of money on fake political consulting companies that didn’t actually do anything to help their ultimately unsuccessful campaigns…and for that, we say “thank you for your service, Mr. Santos!” [RETWEET THAT!]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: New Democratic star shuts down Republican with clapback of the year

Freshman Democrat Jasmine Crockett of Texas did not come to Washington to play games! She humiliated Republican Anna Paulina Luna during their House Oversight Committee and shut down her bad faith crime narratives in epic fashion.

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CNN suffers ultimate humiliation after Trump town hall

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond embarrassing.

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Nebraska bans abortion after 12 weeks, gender-affirming care before age 19
As the impassioned cries and chants of hundreds of protesters gathered inside the capitol rotunda rained down on them, Nebraska Republicans rammed through the two draconian bans on women and parents of girls and trans kids exercising their human rights to make their own healthcare decisions for them and their children. The party of sMaLL goVerNMenT does it again.

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BP to pay record $40 million to settle US air pollution civil charges
British Petroleum was busted violating federal laws used to curb the emission of cancer-causing benzene pollutants, and the company that made $8.2 BILLION in profit in the past four months alone will pay a slap on the wrist fine and continue business as usual. Apparently poisoning a whole bunch of people isn’t a real crime for corporations.

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Former Trump mistress does tell-all interview detailing affair and cover-up

Oh, spill that tea, honey!

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Viral “homeless veterans evicted for migrants” story turns out to be entirely fake
A viral Fox News sob story about our POOR HEROIC VETERANS being cast out into the cold for illegal immigrants who have BROWN SKIN and aren’t even FROM HERE turned out to be a huge crock of bullshit. Just the slightest amount of journalism revealed that the woman behind the story, Sharon Finch, had paid several homeless men in cash and alcohol to pretend they had been veterans. Of course, seeing as there is 0% chance any of the disreputable propaganda outlets that breathlessly reported the story as fact will issue any retraction, the damage has already been done. [RETWEET THAT!]

Millions of Americans just lost their healthcare

Health Access CA: The expiration of pandemic emergency measures means countless people no longer have health insurance, and states are spending millions more to try to kick more people off. Healthcare is a human right, and every American deserves to be able to go to the doctor when they need to. Will you add your name to demand Congress ensure affordable, accessible healthcare for all?

Tennessee moves to gut police oversight
Citizens across Tennessee are sounding the alarm as Republicans in the state legislature inch closer to gutting civilian oversight over police in many of the state’s major cities. This sadly marks just the latest interventions into local affairs coming in the aftermath of Tyre Nichols’s killing and mere weeks after they expelled lawmakers from Nashville and Memphis.

Russia bans 500 Americans, including officials overseeing 1/6 insurrection cases
The list also includes news anchors like CNN’s Erin Burnett, late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, and President Barack Obama. You know who’s not on the list? MAGA Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene or her marionette Kevin McCarthy, or anyone named Trump. Revealing, isn’t it?

Florida lawmakers help DeSantis shovel more cash to Wall Street
Gov. DeSantis is set to sign a bill to funnel $18 BILLION of public pension funds to Wall Street hedge fund leeches and private equity vampires to gamble with (expect high fees and weak returns!), enriching the very donors he’ll undoubtedly ask to help finance his imminent presidential run. If DeSantis does try to make a fundraising play off the new pension investment bill, it will likely put him on a collision course with pesky federal regulators who don’t take kindly to naked pay-to-play schemes.

GOP demands work requirements in debt-limit talks, despite experts warning they don’t work
We shouldn’t be shocked that the anti-science, alternative facts party that chose horse de-wormer over vaccines and bought Trump’s election fraud lies hook line and sinker won’t listen to experts — and we’re not. Neither are we surprised by the sheer cruelty of it all – because the cruelty, it seems, is always the point.


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