Demand Georgia corporations take a REAL stand against racist voter suppression!

Target: Corporations headquartered in Georgia, including Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, and AT&T

In the wake of record Black voter turnout in Georgia, delivering Democrats both the White House and the Senate, Republicans in Georgia are returning to an old tactic: win by keeping Black people from the polls.

Following their recent election losses, Georgia Republicans swiftly enacted the most restrictive and racist voter suppression law in more than half a century, and Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, and AT&T have all made financial contributions to its sponsors and supporters.

Add your name to demand major corporations stop contributing to politicians who support voter suppression! Tell them to take a real stand for voter and civil rights.

Following Governor Kemp signing the voter suppression bill into law, the companies made statements condemning it. But the late lip service will not move restore equal access to the ballot box. We demand each corporation give us more than platitudes.

Corporations in Georgia have a choice: stand by as Republicans usher in a new era of Jim Crow policies or exercise real corporate responsibility and protect Georgia’s — and America’s — democracy.

Sign here to demand major corporations divest from vote suppressors and take a real stand to support Georgia’s Black voters!