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Top Stories for May 16:

Rudy Giuliani ensnared in grotesque new sex assault and pardon bribery scandal

Noelle Dunphy, a former employee, has accused Trump’s ex-henchman of horrific sexual abuse and harassment, including forcing her to work naked and repeatedly sexually assaulting her — while withholding pay. According to Dunphy, Rudy also tried to sell presidential pardons for huge cash payments — and planned to split the bribes with Trump, of course.

Take Action: Kick Fox News off the air for inciting violence against the government!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lauren Boebert humiliates herself with stunning on-air comment

Hope her audience ordered the nonsensical word salad, because that’s what they got a double helping of.

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It’s time for George Santos to go

Zak Malamed for Congress: He’s a pathological liar, he’s an indicted criminal, and he’s the keystone holding Kevin McCarthy’s shabby little majority of MAGA extremists together. Zak Malamed is going to be the Democrat who sends Santos packing and helps to flip Congress back to the side of the good guys. Can you chip in to make sure Santos doesn’t win a second term?

GOP oversight chair says he’s lost track of his Biden corruption informant
Rep. Comer assured the Fox audience that these informants are “kind of in the spy business” and so they are just tooooooo good at doing spying for the GOP to track him down. Personally, we hate it when we lose our definitely real spy-informants. It can happen to anybody! Touch a button, poof, they’re invisible! Or maybe…stay with us here…the informant never existed in the first place!

Take Action: Impeach Clarence Thomas!

US Virgin Islands issued subpoena to Elon Musk in Jeffrey Epstein case
The billionaire tech bozo’s very bad year just got a whole lot worse as US Virgin Island officials slapped Musk with a subpoena in their ongoing Jeffrey Epstein-related lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase. The subpoena demands Musk turn over any documents showing communication involving him, JPMorgan, and arch-pedophile Epstein, as well as “all Documents reflecting or regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and/or his procurement of girls or women for consensual sex.”

Take Action: Demand an end to the subminimum wage!

Democratic congressman’s staff attacked by man with baseball bat

A bat-wielding assailant stormed into the Fairfax, Virginia, office of Rep. Gerry Connolly and attacked two staffers with a metal bat, sending them to the hospital. The attacker, who was also seen chasing a neighbor with the same bat earlier that morning, was reportedly “filled with rage” and inflicted extensive damage to the office itself, shattering glass and destroying computers.

At least 3 civilians dead, 2 cops injured in New Mexico shooting
The story is familiar, the solution is obvious, and the result is a foregone conclusion.

CNN suffers ultimate humiliation after Trump town hall

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond embarrassing.

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Navy retirees see cuts to monthly benefits, must repay $7 million after system overpayment error
The United States apparently has endless money for endless wars, but god forbid a veteran benefit from a paltry payment system glitch. The federal government — which allotted $858 BILLION to the Pentagon in 2023 — is currently attempting to claw back $6.8 million from 1,283 Navy retirees who accidentally received larger monthly payments over a four-year span — a median of $2700 total each — issuing official debt letters, garnishing monthly benefit payments, and employing debt collectors, if needed.

Threats against the LGBTQ+ community intensifying: Department of Homeland Security
The Republican Party’s coordinated efforts to demonize and terrorize the LGBTQ+ community are clearly working, a disturbing new DHS briefing has revealed. Domestic violence extremists and people who commit hate crimes have significantly increased threats of violence against the queer community within the last year. The threats are tied to “drag-themed events, gender-affirming care, and LGBTQIA+ curricula in schools,” not coincidentally the very issues that Fox News, right-wing bloviators, and the GOP have been targeting nonstop with irrational, disingenuous rage.

Special prosecutor ends probe of FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation with pointed criticism, but no new charges
John Durham — appointed by Trump’s former attorney general and one-time lapdog, Bill Barr — has released his final report on a sprawling investigation into the Russia probe and, not surprisingly, failed to uncover any evidence to support the disgraced ex-president’s outlandish allegations of a deep-state witch hunt. Would you like some ketchup on that nothingburger, Donnie?

San Francisco DA releases video of Walgreens security guard fatally shooting alleged shoplifter to justify lack of charges
In no world should it ever be acceptable to execute another human being without trial or charges for minor property crimes, but that’s apparently one the San Francisco district attorney’s office feels comfortable living in.


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Today’s Action: Tell Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to release wrongfully convicted Keith LaMar!


Death row inmate Keith LaMar is set to be executed November 16th, 2023, despite extensive evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of murder by the state of Ohio. LaMar, imprisoned in 1989 for using deadly force to defend himself against a violent home robbery, was only four years into his sentence when an uprising broke out at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. The event resulted in the death of a prison guard as well as multiple inmates, and with no one to pin the catastrophe on at the time the state worked as hard as they could to ensure LaMar would take the blame — all to maintain the illusion that they had the situation under control.

Paid informants offered false testimony, evidence of his innocence was intentionally withheld (including a confession to one of the murders from another inmate), and potential Black jurors were intentionally dismissed from hearing the trial. Keith LaMar, an innocent Black man, was sentenced to death by an all-white jury and judge. He has subsequently spent the last 28 years in solitary confinement with no exceptions for good behavior, fighting to keep his indomitable spirit alive.

Write Gov. DeWine and demand that he IMMEDIATELY release LaMar!

In 2011, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty asserted “that no one should be indicted, let alone sentenced to death, based solely on the uncorroborated testimony of jailhouse informants.” This is an independent task force of retired judges, attorneys, and college professors that was literally brought together by the Ohio Supreme Court. Based on this recommendation alone, LaMar should NOT be sentenced to death.

LaMar has suffered physical and mental abuse for nearly three decades for a crime he did not commit, thanks to a badly broken, notoriously racist justice system. It’s past time to make it right.

Fill out Gov. DeWine’s “Contact Us” form to call for the immediate release of Keith LaMar, before it’s too late!


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