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Top Stories for December 18:

Kevin McCarthy says GOP hardliners continue to hold out against him, putting Republican agenda “in jeopardy”

To paraphrase Al Capone, “you get much further with a bigoted word and a gun than with a bunch of lunatics and no f’ing clue how to lead.”

Take Action: Expel the congressmen who tried to get Trump pardons for their role in Jan. 6th!

Rudy Giuliani hit with brutal news over his law license

Apparently the bar association frowns upon attorney abusing their law licenses to overthrow US democracy. How could Rudy have known?

Ayanna Pressley is taking the fight to Republican extremists

Ayanna Pressley: With white supremacy amping up to beyond alarming levels of danger, the progressive champion in the House is leading the fight to stop the insidious movement in its tracks. Please consider chipping in to support her work!

Donald Trump’s ridiculous NFT trading cards sell out, netting over $4 million in 12 hours
Grifters gonna grift! And the gullible shall bite.

Take Action: Demand Congress investigate Trump’s shady trading card scam!

Elon Musk restores journalists’ Twitter accounts following latest stupid poll
The billionaire tech bozo, and self-proclaimed free speech absolutist (lol), has had to reverse another ill thought decision that blew up in his face as he continues to use his fortune to amplify right wing extremists and silence even his most benign critics.

Take Action: Tell Congress to break up Big Tech’s monopolies!

Meet John Fetterman’s TikTok whisperer

Couldn’t be prouder of atAdvocacy partner, Annie Henry for her work to grow Democrats’ Senate majority.

Virginia joins several other states in banning TikTok on government devices
TikTok is being targeted by governors and US lawmakers who say the Chinese-owned company is a cybersecurity risk. On Friday, Virginia became the latest state to ban the popular app on state-issued devices, following the US Senate’s unanimous vote earlier in the week to ban the wildly popular social media app from devices issued by federal agencies.

Fox News hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

$1.6 billion lawsuit alleges Facebook’s inaction fueled violence in Ethiopia
Facebook actively fueled ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s civil war by prioritizing hateful and dangerous content, then not moderating that content fast enough, or sometimes at all, says a new lawsuit filed against Meta, the social media giant’s parent company.

Congress just passed $858 billion military budget, but the GOP is blocking $12 billion to fight child poverty
The GOP is refusing to even consider proposals to revive the Child Tax Credit expansion that lifted millions of kids out of poverty last year — even though bringing the program back would cost a fraction of the Pentagon outlay. Republicans are not — and never have been — the party of “family values,” folks.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down Republicans “school choice” provisions that would have stolen money from public schools
In a bitter defeat for right-wing school schemes to drain funds from public schools, Kentucky’s Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Republican-backed initiative to award tax credits for donations supporting private school tuition — a program that opponents rightly said would divert money from already underfunded public schools.

Trump tells supporter it’s time to deal with the “weaponized thugs and tyrants” in the FBI and DOJ
The disgraced ex-president isn’t even pretending anymore. Just casually and openly inciting violence against the United States.

America, the beautiful?

What a wonderful world?



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