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BREAKING: Lockerbie bomb suspect is in US custody after 34 years

Top Stories for December 11:

Private RNC member emails reveal fury and anger at Trump, frustration with Chairwoman McDaniel’s response to debacle

In missives sent to all 168 Republican National Committee members, several committeemen privately expressed horror over Trump’s antisemitic, super racist Mar-a-Lago dinner party and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s pathetic response to the debacle. Some members of the RNC — which has gleefully and consistently enabled and supported Trump for seven years and counting — are now looking to distance themselves from the three-time election loser and are questioning McDaniel’s ability to lead the party going forward.

Take Action: Demand GOP leadership step down for refusing to condemn Trump’s Nazi meeting!

Free speech warrior Elon Musk reportedly threatens to sue Twitter staff if they leak to media
The tech bozo billionaire — who has repeatedly endorsed free speech absolutism and asserted “transparency is the key to trust” and that “sunlight is the best disinfectant” — has reportedly threatened Twitter staff who leak confidential information about the company to the press after he personally released internal messages from employees to select pundits. No word yet on when Musk will publicly unveil the social platform’s new motto: Rules for thee, none for me!

Take Action: Tell corporations to suspend all their Twitter advertising!

We need to stop Joe Manchin’s dirty pipeline deal for good

Lead Locally: The Biden administration has already made history with unprecedented investments into green energy and fighting climate change. We can’t let Manchin and corrupt Republicans undo all that progress with more polluting pipelines. Can you chip in to help Lead Locally fight for a better tomorrow?

Paul Whelan’s brother says Biden “made the right choice” with Griner swap
David Whelan, brother of detained American Paul Whelan, said President Biden is “100% engaged on bringing Paul home” and that the president made the right choice with the options on the table. “An American should come home if they can come home,” Whelan added. Republicans continue to bash Biden anyway, reminding Americans — again — that they do not stand for freedom in any way and will leap any opportunity to attack Democrats no matter how petty, dangerous, or disingenuous.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

AP investigation reveals Bureau of Prisons official’s rise to power despite decades of red flags, abuse warnings
Thomas Ray Hinkle has enjoyed a decades-long rise to power as a federal Bureau of Prisons official, despite years of disturbing abuse allegations and numerous investigations. In recent years, colleagues say, Hinkle himself has talked openly about beating Black inmates while a member of a violent, racist gang of guards called “The Cowboys.”

Take Action: Tell the Senate to investigate the corruption in the Supreme Court!

Kansas oil spill biggest in Keystone history

America’s insatiable addiction to crude oil wreaked environmental havoc once again, as a ruptured Keystone pipe dumped oil into a northeastern Kansas creek, becoming the largest onshore crude pipeline spill in nine years and surpassing all the previous ones on the same pipeline system combined.

Take Action: Tell your Congressmember to co-sponsor the Billionaire Minimum Tax bill!

Public interest groups file emergency request to halt NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial mental health plan
Mayor Eric Adams’ deeply troubling new plan to involuntarily hospitalize some of New York City unhoused inhabitants is facing its first legal battle, with a slew of advocates arguing the action is unconstitutional. Critics rightly point out that police do not have the training to involuntarily transport mental health patients, and the city’s hospitals do not have the resources to receive them.

Trump screws over GOP responding to Hunter Biden laptop saga

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a smart move.

Biden wants African Union to be added to the Group of 20 nations
President Biden is set to unveil his administration’s support for adding the African Union — the governing body that represents the continent’s 54 countries — as a permanent member of the Group of 20 nations. G-20 representation would allow African countries to more effectively press the group to implement its pledge to help the continent cope with climate change, among other challenges.

More MAGA insurrectionists just got prison time for actions on January 6
Nicholas Ochs, the founder of the Hawaii Proud Boys chapter, and fellow professional mouth-breather Nicholas DeCarlo were sentenced to four years in prison for storming the Capitol, throwing smoke bombs at police, and threatening to “murder the media” among other very patriotic, wonderful people crimes.

Top Democratic firm drops Sinema as a client
The leading Democratic digital firm Authentic promptly dropped Kyrsten Sinema as a client following the first-term senator’s calculated decision to drop Democrat from her self-preservation act.

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