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Top Stories for January 3:

George Santos’ terrible month gets worse as Brazil resurrects fraud case

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to run for Congress, after all. Brazilian fraud charges against Rep.-elect George Santos — he purchased goods using a stolen checkbook and a fake name in 2008 — will be resurrected now that authorities have confirmed the serial liar’s location. Oops.

Take Action: Impeach Clarence Thomas for hiding corrupt payments to his wife!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump screws himself as his words come back to haunt him in devastating clip

The release of the crooked ex-president’s tax records has unleashed a flood of bad news for Donald.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

Will Trump be indicted in 2023?

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Trump wanted ex-military critics tried at court-martial, top general said
The impressively petty and vindictive ex-president actually pushed to forcibly recall retired military officers who spoke out against him to active duty so they could be tried at court-martial and jailed, according to General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. It’s pretty clear that if Trump had stayed in power long enough, “jail for making fun of me” would be the most common punishment in America.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to investigate the corruption in the Supreme Court!

Kevin McCarthy struggles to clinch support to be House speaker, with hours to go before crucial vote
McCarthy’s years-long quest to wield the gavel as speaker of the House isn’t going according to plan (lol). A small, steadfast cadre of self-important, right-wing extremists within the GOP caucus have thus far refused to back the spineless Californian’s speakership bid despite extracting a number of concessions weakening the post (lmao). Five Republicans have outright said they won’t support McCarthy during the vote for speaker today while nine others remained unconvinced. Let the clown show begin!

Take Action: Tell Congress to break up Big Tech’s monopolies!

Trump White House aides melted down about Jan. 6 in angry text exchange: “This made us all unemployable”

A text exchange between Ivanka Trump’s chief of staff Julie Radford and White House aide Hope Hicks revealed their anger over Donald Trump’s actions during the insurrection — but only because it might mean they might suffer consequences for their action. According to newly released documents collected by the House Jan. 6 committee, Hicks complained that the entire world would now (correctly) see them as “domestic terrorists” and that they’d be “unemployable.” Womp womp! Maybe you should have thought of that before debasing yourself for a self-admitted sexual predator and unabashed authoritarian racist.

Take Action: Replace Joe Manchin as Energy chairman!

Idaho murders: Suspect was identified through DNA using public genealogy databases, police say
Police identified Bryan Christopher Kohberger as the suspect accused of murdering four University of Idaho students in November using public genealogy databases, law enforcement sources said. Motivation will not be revealed until Kohberger is extradited to Idaho from Pennsylvania, where he was arrested last Friday.

At least 3 House GOP leaders who dodged Jan. 6 committee subpoenas plan to haul in witnesses for their own investigations in the 118th Congress
The modern Republican Party: where irony goes to die.

“Human garbage”: Charlie Kirk blasted for “sick” Damar Hamlin conspiracy tweet following NFL player’s on-field cardiac arrest
Conservative talk show host and dark-money youth indoctrination org “Turning Point USA’s” head cretin Charlie Kirk was promptly slammed for peddling a ridiculous anti-vaccine conspiracy theory after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after a vicious hit during last night’s game against Cincinnati Bengals. The right-wing obsession with twisting any and every event to their perverse propaganda narratives is always disgusting, but to use this man’s deadly serious injury as an opportunity to push antivax prop is just the lowest of the low.

Gretchen Whitmer urges vigilance against violent rhetoric and threats as she embarks on second term
Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, sworn in for a second term Sunday, called the sentencing last week of two members of a right-wing militia convicted of plotting to kidnap her “just” while also rightly criticizing the fact that much of the media coverage of the terrifying scheme failed to mention that the perpetrators were really planning to assassinate her.

Baton Rouge cops kill two teen girls in deadly car crash during reckless high-speed chase
American policing is broken. Two police officers pursuing a stolen vehicle in a dangerous high-speed chase — which they did not need to engage in — crashed into a family just going about their day, killing their two girls and putting their son in critical condition, and then blamed the guy they were chasing for the tragic deaths. Property rights cannot be more important than human life, and police officers cannot be allowed to simply pass off responsibility for their reckless actions.


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Today’s Action: Join Swing Left’s 2023 organizing event!

As we enter the new year, progressives have a lot on our collective plate. We’re still fighting for reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration reform, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. — so many causes and ideals right-wing zealots are actively working to obstruct, destroy, or deny everyday Americans. Democrats thankfully secured the Senate — and some of President Biden’s signature wins along with it — last November, but with a newly empowered GOP majority in the House a very new reality is settling in in Washington, DC. There is still much work to be done to create an inclusive, tolerant, progressive America that represents all its people. We must continue building our movement at the grassroots level, with every available progressive plugging in and joining the fight across the country.

Swing Left is hosting a virtual organizing event TONIGHT from 7pm – 8pm EST to reflect on last fall’s historic midterms and to look ahead to the coming challenges in 2023. Organizers will explore crucial strategies to fight the GOP, like looking at their gerrymandered swing-state advantages, and discuss how to strengthen and expand progressive ideals.

Defending our fundamental rights means dismantling the oppressive, undemocratic systems specifically designed to destroy them. Take an hour to help protect our democracy tonight!

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