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Top Stories for October 9:

Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville implies that all Black people are criminals at incredibly racist Trump rally

The Alabama senator said Democrats want to give reparations to “people who do the crime.” But nobody’s talking about giving reparations to criminals, they’re talking about giving reparations to Black people, so… Oh. Oh yeah, that’s reeeeeeal racist.

Take Action: Demand Alabama stop holding pregnant women in jail without conviction!

President Biden smacks down flip-flopping “socialist” Republicans

The president ripped Republican lawmakers — who voted in lockstep against Democrats’ transformational infrastructure package late last year — for submitting dozens upon dozens of federal funding requests for projects they deemed “socialist” just months before.

Take Action: Tell “Dank Brandon” to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

State legislatures are where the GOP’s agenda of cruelty and bigotry becomes reality. It’s time to fight back!

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee: Abortion bans, book bans, attacks on trans kids, stripping away voting rights — it all happens in state legislatures. It’s time for us to take them back, and the DLCC is leading the charge. Will you chip in to help elect a slate of progressive, pro-choice Democrats and take back our state houses from Trump’s radical henchmen?

GOP Senate nominee: Abortion decisions “belong” to Republican “gentlemen” state reps
Ah, yes. Gentlemen! Let he who hath no uterus tell women what can and cannot be done with their bodies. Vote these clowns into oblivion next month, folks.

Take Action: Pass the Congressional stock trading ban!

Donald Trump brags Jan. 6 was his biggest crowd ever
The disgraced ex-president, who has floated pardoning all rioters who stormed the US Capitol on his behalf should he return to the White House, complained at a Saturday night pep rally in Nevada that the “corrupt” media never talks about the size of the crowd at his “Stop the Steal” pre-insurrection staging party.

Take Action: Demand corporations stop donating to insurrectionist politicians!

As Ian’s death toll rises, questions swirl on why more Floridians didn’t evacuate

Medical examiners are still certifying storm-related deaths, but it’s already clear Ian is the deadliest storm to hit Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, prompting questions for state officials why more residents did not evacuate ahead of storm surges that reached as high as 18 feet in some areas.

GOP Gov. Greg Abbott shoots down state-level marijuana possession pardons in Texas
Texas’ top stooge is obviously too busy staging inhumane migrant trafficking stunts, stripping away women’s reproductive healthcare, and ignoring rampant gun violence in the Lone Star State to make sensible drug policy reforms.

Civil war erupts between Trump and Republicans

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Things just got bad within the GOP.

DeSantis’ migrant-trafficking flights to Martha’s Vineyard appear outside the scope of Florida transport program guidelines, state documents show

Jon Stewart calmly excoriates Arkansas attorney general on anti-trans legislation: VIDEO
The Problem With host brought pesky facts and figures to an interview with woefully unprepared Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and, well, just roll the tape…

Kanye West’s anti-semitic tweet taken down for violating Twitter rules
The Pro-Trump rapper tweeted that he was going to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” Ready the space lasers!

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