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Top Stories for January 25:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz utterly humiliates himself on national TV

Facing softball questions from a friendly Fox News host couldn’t prevent Ted Cruz from ramming his foot into his mouth with such stunning speed and force that he appeared to surprise even himself. From one sentence to the next, Cruz gave completely opposite answers to questions about classified documents. How does this man keep getting reelected?

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Why those documents at Mike Pence’s place should be bad for Trump
The discovery of classified documents at Mike Pence’s house underscores the critical difference between the Trump, Biden, and Pence document scandals. Biden and Pence immediately gave the documents back and did not claim they “owned them,” while Trump fought so hard to keep “his” documents that pertained to national security that it required an FBI raid to get them back — meaning his scandal is not about overclassification or a simple mistake but something much more malicious.

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Biden has the tools to save the planet WITHOUT going through Congress

OD Action Partner: TikTok star TizzyEnt breaks down how the Biden team get the US to 100% clean energy WITHOUT the GOP-held House — but he has to act NOW!

Republican revolts over Kevin McCarthy’s plot to deny Democrats committee seats
Immediately after Kevin McCarthy followed through on his petty threat to block Democrats Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar from reclaiming their seats on their respective committees, a fellow Republican, Rep. Victoria Spartz, blasted him for his “charade” designed to own the libs on social media rather than to address any legitimate concerns.

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George Santos changes source of suspicious campaign loans in new filing
The 12-time Olympic medalist and Nobel Cheese Prize winner from Long Island has insisted all along that funds for mysterious personal loans he made to his campaign totaling over $700K came from personal wealth he’s amassed through legitimate earnings – even though he’s never reported income or assets anywhere near levels that could support making a loan of that amount. In a flurry of amended campaign finance reports filed Tuesday, however, he seems to be changing his tune. You may not believe this, but it appears obvious that George Santos…is lying.

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DA says decision on indicting Trump for attempting to steal 2020 election “imminent”

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told a judge Tuesday that a Georgia special grand jury report on its investigation into attempts by Trump-affiliated operatives to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state – including the disgraced former president himself – should remain under seal in order to protect the rights of “future defendants.” I wonder who she could be referring to?

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Rebranding rift guts “Blue Dog” Democrat ranks, cutting the caucus in half
The conservative “Blue Dog” Democratic caucus exists largely to validate bad-faith Republican “fiscal responsibility” concerns as “moderate,” often obstructing Democrats from delivering the change American families need. In a telling development, the caucus is now left with just eight, all-male members after a naming dispute. The issue stems from the “Blue Dog” moniker, which some of the incoming representatives felt too heavily recalled the group’s past of being a socially conservative (racist) Southern “boys’ club.” Seven members promptly left the group over the unwillingness of the rest to embrace change and move into the 21st century, which is an apt metaphor for the group as a whole.

House Republicans finally reveal HORRIFIC demands

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Disgusting

Doomsday Clock now closer to midnight than it’s ever been
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists warned that we are more in danger of nuclear annihilation today than we’ve been at any point since the Doomsday Clock’s creation. The time on the clock moved forward from 100 seconds to midnight to 90 seconds to midnight Tuesday, due in large part to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and their open threats to use nuclear weapons.

Trump henchman tries last ditch Hail Mary to avoid testifying in contempt trial
Former White House economic advisor Peter Navarro, like Steve Bannon before him, is facing contempt of congress charges after stiff-arming the 1/6 Committee and refusing to comply with subpoenas. Navarro was central to Trump’s “Stop the Steal” plot, and he’s called in one last favor from Trump in a desperate attempt to avoid his comeuppance, which took the form of a letter claiming that Navarro could assert executive privelege because he was working for the President. Like most of Trump’s endeavors, this one also seems doomed to failure, since the judge had previously noted that Navarro had presented no evidence that Trump actually asserted executive privilege on his behalf.

Rights groups dismayed as world ignores killings by Peru’s right-wing government
Peru’s left-leaning president tried to dissolve his congress last month, but instead it was he who was ousted in what looked and smelled a quite a bit like a coup. A steady clip of public demonstrations against the new right-wing government that replaced him has resulted in over 50 protester deaths in a violent government crackdown with nary a word from anyone, including the U.S.

Hood-off white supremacist Nick Fuentes back on Twitter after year-long ban
Elon Musk’s mismanagement of Twitter has mercifully managed to stay off the headlines in recent weeks, but the reinstatement of the notorious white nationalist Fuentes – who’s made headlines of his own recently meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago and serving as Kanye’s travelling court jester on his antisemitism tour – is the most egregious example yet of Musk’s true intentions for the beleaguered platform.

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Dispatches from the MAGAverse

Dispatches from the Barrel of Bad Apples



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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to tax stock buybacks for price-gouging oil companies!

Oil companies like ExxonMobil pulled in record profits last year while gas prices continued to skyrocket. In that year alone, ExxonMobil increased profits by 53% — amounting to a whopping $90.5 billion in revenue. Instead of reinvesting those funds into increased production, cleaner technologies, or lowering gas prices for American families, they have decided to buy back $10 billion of company shares, to the delight of the megawealthy elite. There’s still no way to prevent this from happening, despite the devastating impact it has on our communities and the budgets of working families.

Prior to 1982, corporations buying back shares were subject to stock manipulation charges. But today, corporations are free to line their pockets and manipulate their stock value at the expense of our communities. It’s greed in every sense of the word.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they pass a stock buyback tax on greedy oil companies!

If oil giants like ExxonMobil want to use international crises to manipulate their company value and profit, it should absolutely not come scot-free. The American people are already being milked for all they’re worth by wealthy corporations, with inflation on essential goods nearing a 40-year high.

There is no good reason gas prices should ever surge while oil companies are tripling their revenue and have the money to buy back $10 billion of their own stock. It’s obscene.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and call on them to implement a stock buyback tax!

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