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Top Stories for October 19:

Trump attack leaves GOP wondering if he cares about Senate majority

Trump trashed the GOP’s Senate nominee in Colorado, Joe O’Dea, as a “RINO” and said that “MAGA doesn’t Vote for stupid people with big mouths,” presumably causing a spike in Google searches for “irony.” O’Dea is locked in an uphill fight against incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, and Republicans are worried that Trump’s attacks could depress turnout for him — so…thanks, we…guess?

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JD Vance has the worst moment of his entire campaign live on stage

Don’t you hate it when the stupid things you said in the past come back to bite you on live TV?

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Trump faces consequences amid January 6 Committee’s bombshell move

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Finally.

Missouri woman denied emergency abortion called a state senator for help. He sent her to an anti-abortion clinic
Mylissa Farmer had a fetus dying inside her, but couldn’t get an abortion thanks to the GOP’s near-total abortion ban. She reached out to her state senator, Bill White, for help — and he sent her to an anti-abortion pregnancy center, where there are no doctors, and then never contacted her again.

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Jury acquits Russian analyst of lying to FBI in Trump dossier case
The GOP’s special counsel John Durham has struck out for the third time as the trial against Igor Danchenko, one of the men behind the infamously debunked “Steele Dossier,” ended in acquittal. The Trumposphere was certain that Durham would uncover a wide-ranging conspiracy within the FBI and the rest of the deep state to undermine Trump’s 2020 candidacy, but ended up humiliated as the judge threw out most of the charges against Danchenko.

“Believe him” — McCarthy signals GOP plan to attack Social Security, Medicare

In an interview, the GOP leader made it clear that he and his party intend to hold the government hostage during the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations in order to extract major cuts to Social Security and Medicare even as millions of Americans struggle to get by. Truly diabolical things are in store for America if the GOP wins in November.

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Texas parents sent DNA kits by schools to identify kids’ bodies
Rather than take any action to stop school shootings, the Texas government has decided instead to send parents DNA kits so that law enforcement can identify their mangled corpses after they stand around and do nothing while a killer butchers kids by the dozen. Real death cult dystopia shit.

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Missouri elementary school where radioactive waste was found will switch to virtual instruction
In the latest episode of “Republicans don’t care about black children,” the 80% Black Jana Elementary School will finally switch to remote learning after it was discovered that radioactive lead from 1950s nuclear dumping was in the kindergarten playground. The US Army Corps of Engineers somehow never tested the school in nearly two decades of waste cleanup, because, you know, institutionalized white supremacy.

‘Bad situation’: Soaring US dollar spreads pain worldwide
If you think inflation in America is bad, spare a thought for the millions of people around the world grappling with skyrocketing prices for literally everything as the values of local currencies are crushed under the boot of America’s hegemonic financial imperialism.

Police cameras show confusion, anger over DeSantis’ voter fraud arrests
Shocking bodycam footage from one of DeSantis’ controversial “voter fraud” witch-hunts show police officers confused and apologetic, unsure of what they’re arresting these Black people for in the first place — but they did anyway, of course. “I’ve never seen these charges before in my entire life,” admitted a cop on the way to the station.

Georgia breaks first-day early voting record, nearly doubles figure from last midterms
More than 131,000 Georgia voters cast ballots since early voting began Monday, according to the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The figure represents an 85% boost over the 2018 midterms, when nearly 71,000 early votes were cast on Day One, the office said.


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