Tell Congress to invest in equitable solar power in the Build Back Better Act!

Target: The United States Congress

The benefits of renewable energy – clean air, long-lasting careers, and lower energy bills – must not be limited to the privileged. Yet low-income communities and communities of color are usually left out of conversations about our clean energy future.

The policies proposed in the Build Back Better bill, including investing $2.5 billion specifically for low-income solar, will be transformative for the people of the US, the planet, and the economy.

Add your name to tell Congress to vote for climate justice by investing in equitable solar power in the Build Back Better Act!

This legislation has the opportunity to create meaningful, high-paying jobs, replace polluting energy sources, and benefit health and economic security for all families (especially those most impacted by fossil-fuel pollution and the climate crisis).

Investments in renewable energy, specifically for marginalized communities, are crucial in transitioning America into sustainable clean energy use. Our elected officials have a duty to fight for their constituent’s right to a green future through the Build Back Better Act. 

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