Tell President Biden to let Haitian refugees stay in America!

President Biden

Over a thousand Haitian refugees have been crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas in hopes of asylum. The US, however, has begun deporting immigrants without even allowing them to request asylum, including families and young children. If that wasn’t enough, images and video from the border have shown appalling behavior from US Border Patrol — such as horseback agents chasing immigrants with whips.

Refugees traversing the Rio Grande in search of a better life are the embodiment of the American dream. It shouldn’t be hard to see the lack of humanity in their violent deportation, and the US needs to give them every opportunity to seek asylum. 

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Immigrants are literally waiting under a Texas bridge to request asylum. These are people, families and children, seeking safety and shelter from escalating political instability and violence. Like all of us, they deserve sanctuary. 

It’s time for leaders to improve American immigration laws, rather than continue a standard of responding to immigration crises with brutality. 

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