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US economy likely returned to growth last quarter

Top Stories for October 27:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Herschel Walker hit with yet another scandal two weeks before midterms

The embattled MAGA candidate’s Senate campaign has been sacked by one scandal after another — and the hits just keep on coming.

Take Action: Demand big corporations stop funneling money to anti-choice politicians!

Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Georgia election interference investigation

A judge in South Carolina rebuffed Meadows ongoing attempts to dodge accountability and ordered the ex-White House chief of staff to travel to Atlanta and testify in Georgia’s ongoing investigation into Trump’s rampant election meddling.

Take Action: Pass the Congressional stock trading ban!

This could be it If Republicans take back Congress, our window to stop climate change before it’s too late could be shut forever. UNICEF is warning that EVERY child in the world will experience extreme heat waves in the next thirty years — and that’s just the beginning. Can you chip in to help elect climate champions who will make sure our children grow up to enjoy a liveable world?

St. Louis school shooter obtained a gun after his family worked with police to have one removed from their home
Months before a 19-year-old shooter opened fire inside a St. Louis high school killing two, his concerned family worked with police to have a gun removed from their home. The shooter, who also died in the attack, struggled with serious mental health issues that required hospitalization on more than one occasion. All the same — and thanks to our woefully inadequate gun safety laws — the young man was able to acquire an AR-15 style killing machine to carry out Monday’s horrific attack.

Take Action: Keep Trump off Facebook!

Arizona GOP chair begs Supreme Court to shield her shady Jan. 6 phone records
Top Republican Kelli Ward is desperate to shield her calls from the committee investigating Trump’s deadly insurrection — which is itself a powerful argument for granting the committee full and immediate access to them.

Take Action: Tell Congress to add new tax brackets for the megawealthy!

United Nations warns that “time is running out” as greenhouse gases surge

Every current political problem pales in comparison to the existential threat posed by unmitigated climate change — and the UN is sounding the alarm as 2021 saw the biggest year-on-year jump in methane concentrations since systematic measurements began nearly 40 years ago.

Take Action: Demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from democracy-destroying case!

Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ campaign headquarters burglarized

Hobbs’ Republican opponent, the far-right, Trump-loving, local TV news talker Kari Lake, claimed without evidence that Hobbs’ campaign was lying about her campaign headquarters being broken into. Uh, okay.

Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Russia recruiting American-trained Afghan commandos to fight in Ukraine
The soldiers that the US abandoned to the Taliban when it left Afghanistan could soon be helping Russian fascists kill innocent Ukrainians — yet another sobering reminder of what happens when America foolishly embarks on neoconservative nation-building escapades.

Second rail union rejects deal, raising strike threat anew
The freight rail industry, which is responsible for moving some 40% of long-haul goods, is critical to the nation’s economy — including supplies needed for electricity and drinking water, not to mention commodities like food and gifts for the holiday shopping season. Seems like maybe we should treat our essential rail workers with the baseline dignity and respect they clearly deserve.

Tulsa police sergeant suspended after making disparaging comments about liberals in class
During a recent Citizen Police Academy class, a Tulsa Police Department supervisor and sergeant made the preposterous remark that “nothing is more dangerous to America” than a “liberal white person.”


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Today’s Action: Get out the vote for Democratic Senate candidate Charles Booker!

Charles Booker is running for US Senate to unseat incumbent Rand Paul, who has been failing Kentucky in spectacular fashion for more than a decade. Much like Mitch McConnell, Paul is totally unrepresentative of the Kentuckians he supposedly speaks for. Booker, who grew up in the poorest zip code in Kentucky, has been a tireless, passionate fighter for progressive values — not only in his community, but throughout the commonwealth and our country as a whole. No matter your state, we desperately need Booker in the US Senate — and Rand Paul as far away from it as possible.

The margin of error for keeping the House and Senate in Democrat hands is far too thin for comfort — but there are plenty of ways we can take action to ensure we keep power, including phone banking. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional, just ready to show up and do good work. We are rapidly approaching Election Day; progressives must kick into overdrive to secure the future working America deserves.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hosting phone-banking sessions for Charles BookersTuesday through Friday next week for two hours, all after 5PM EDT. Sign up and join the fight today. The voters you reach could make the difference on Election Day!

The fight for a truly progressive future does not end with Charles Booker. There are committed Democratic candidates all across the country who need your help getting out the vote next month. You can filter through virtual phone- and text-banking events through Mobilize. So many critical issues are on the line this election, including reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, and justice reform — everything we’ve fought so hard for! It’s never been more important to get out the vote and work for real change in America. Join the fight and do your part today!


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