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BREAKING: Democrats flip first seat of 2023 in VA 7th district state Senate election

Top Stories for January 11:

House Republicans establish new committee to “investigate the weaponization of the federal government”

The GOP war on the rule of law began on Tuesday with the creation of a new committee to investigate how the government attempted to hold all of them accountable for the sedition and law-breaking that House GOP members and other prominent Republicans committed before, during, and after January 6th. Their first order of business will be to use an Ouija board to summon the inferno-chained spirit of Joe McCarthy.

Take Action: Stop Republicans from holding the government hostage once and for all!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republicans CRASH AND BURN with first bill of House majority

The newly empowered GOP radicals got right down to business — that business, of course, being abusing the levers of power to protect the ill-gotten wealth of their oligarch masters and to fan the flames of delusional conspiracy. Their first target is the IRS, which they accuse of hiring an “army of agents” to target Republicans with politically-motivated audits. The fact that this move would add $114 billion to the national deficit, which they suddenly care about again, is somehow irrelevant to them — because nothing matters but spite and greed to these people.

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

The Supreme Court hears a case this week that endangers workers’ ability to strike
In a completely preposterous performance of mental gynastics, the plaintiff — a US-based unit of a Japanese cement company — is accusing striking workers of “intentional property damage” by going on strike while their trucks were full of cement product, which had to be discarded. But given the 6-3 GOP-strangled Supreme Court’s intense hostility towards labor and logic, it appears that the crucially important right to strike is about to take another devastating hit.

Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg sentenced to 5 months’ imprisonment
Weisselberg’s cooperation with the investigation into the Trump Organization led to 17 felony convictions against the corrupt company, knocking a possible 15 years behind bars to just five months in prison.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

Progressive Katie Porter announces Senate bid
California Rep. Katie Porter and her beloved whiteboard are running to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 89, who is widely expected to retire amid swirling reports of her declining mental capacity. Porter has vowed to be a working people’s champion taking on the corruption of Wall Street, Big Oil, and the pharmaceutical industry — and we need her in the Senate more than ever before!

Fisher-Price recalls baby basket AGAIN after death toll reaches 100

A shocking 70 additional babies have died since the “Rock and Play” sleeper was first recalled in 2019, showcasing once again how corporate malfeasance has led to a swathe of dead children. You’ve heard this story before. The first recall was “inadequate and overly complicated” and even before that recall, Fisher-Price “ignored warnings about its Rock ‘n Play inclined sleepers.” Time and time again, big corporations show they will always put profit above doing the right thing, and the Biden administration MUST hold Fisher-Price accountable for their infanticidal negilgence. A class-action lawsuit cannot be the only consequences for this outrage.

Corporate America’s worst nightmare is now running for Senate!

Katie Porter for Senate: Rep. Katie Porter and her whiteboard have been working overtime defending the American people and holding big companies accountable for their greedy excesses — and now she’s ready to take her talents to the United States Senate! Can you chip in to send a progressive champion to where she can do the most good?

Judge sentences “Baked Alaska” to 60 days in jail for Jan. 6 conduct
The pro-Trump livestreamer and social media bozo, infamous for his just awful song “We Love Our Cops,” may be singing a different tune now that he’s going to serve hard time. The judge gave him an extra-harsh sentence for having the audacity to film himself wandering around the Capitol building, making a “mockery of democracy.”

Elon Musk turns over Twitter records to key source of COVID misinformation
As part of his ongoing mission to win the approval of the most cynical, self-serving ideologues on social media and their rube followers, Elon has handed over swathes of internal Twitter documents to one Alex Berenson, a man once dubbed “the Pandemic’s Wrongest Man” by Atlantic Magazine for the staggering amount of misinformation masquerading as journalism put out by Berenson, for which he was eventually banned from Twitter. Apparently, Berenson is eager to investigate the internal documents that will say he is “DANGEROUSLY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING, HIS BRAIN A THREAT TO OTHERS.”

Outrage mounts in D.C. after man fatally shoots boy, 13
A would-be vigilante shot and killed a Black child, Karon Blake, on January 7th on the suspicion that he was “breaking into cars,” which last time we checked is not a capital offense. To make matters worse, the police have somehow not arrested or identified the killer despite knowing who he is. Only the latest instance of cops serving and protecting each other and executing Black people in the street.

New Biden student loan plan unveiled amid agency funding crisis
The Biden administration’s efforts to unveil a new loan repayment plan for student borrowers is hitting a snag as the Office of Federal Student Aid grapples with an unexpected funding crisis due to the dropping of the agency’s funding from the recently passed omnibus bill. “There is a lot of work at FSA that can benefit students and borrowers that it simply cannot do now,” said an official. Oof.


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DEEP DIVE: The Bolsonarite attack on Brazil’s Congress



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Today’s Action: Stand with NYC nurses on strike! 

More than 7,000 nurses of the New York State Nurses Association are currently on strike for better pay, improved scheduling, and increased staffing. The nurses, who are “exhausted and burnt out,” have long reported unsafe workplace conditions, excessively long hours, and chronic understaffing concerns at Mount Sinai Hospital and Montefiore Bronx Hospital in New York City. New. The striking nurses are echoing familiar concerns we’ve heard throughout the country from frontline workers since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and it’s well past time for meaningful change.  

NYC nurses need our solidarity and unwavering support during these crucial negotiations. The quicker this critical impasse is resolved, the sooner they can resume providing expert care to their patients.  

If you’re currently receiving medical care at one of these hospitals, don’t worry — you aren’t crossing the proverbial picket line. But, you are welcome to join the picket line when you’re finished with your treatment if you feel so inclined!  

The best way to help right now, no matter where you are, is to make as much noise as you can on every available platform. Amplify the nurses’ reasonable demands today and help pressure Mount Sinai and Montefiore Bronx executives to come to their senses! Please help these frontline heroes reach the deal they deserve! 

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