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Top Stories for December 23:

House Republicans vow to screw over GOP senators who backed spending bill

The rambunctious nihilists in the House GOP extremism caucus are furious at their Senate counterparts for voting for a must-pass omnibus funding bill — and vowed retribution by blocking “even the smallest legislative and policy efforts.” It appears that McConnell, who earned the nickname “the Grim Reaper of the Senate” for all the bills he refused to bring to a vote, is about to get a long-overdue taste of his own medicine.

Take Action: Demand GOP leadership step down for refusing to condemn Trump’s Nazi meeting!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump lawyer hit with devastating news after getting publicly exposed

The disgraced ex-president’s former legal lapdog is seriously regretting his exceptionally poor life decisions.

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Senate passes $1.7 trillion government funding bill
After spending several hours dealing with miscreant Republican efforts to make the bill more racist, the Senate finally passed a huge omnibus spending bill that will keep the government funded through next September. Key wins in the bill include the Pregnant Fairness Workers Act, the Electoral Count Act, $38 billion for disaster assistance, $2.6 billion for January 6th legal efforts, a 4.6% raise for military troops, $25 million in additional funding for the NLRB, another $576 million for the EPA, and $8 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant. What did NOT make the cut includes Joe Manchin’s pipeline plans, any money for COVID-19, an amendment to reduce the racist coke/crack sentence disparity, and the expansion of the Child Tax Credit.

Take Action: Replace Joe Manchin as Energy chairman!

House Jan. 6 committee releases final, damning report, urges Congress to disqualify Trump from ever holding office again
The House select committee tasked with investigating the horrific January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol released its final report late last night, drawing from hundreds of witness interviews and a vast trove of documentary evidence to make the case that the disgraced ex-president, Donald Trump, was the primary cause of the deadly insurrection and the failed attempt to overthrow the government. Furthermore, the committee urged Congress to disqualify the twice-impeached serial grifter from ever holding public office again.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to investigate the corruption in the Supreme Court!

Arizona Republicans cave, will dismantle giant trash wall at the border

The Biden administration has emerged victorious in the legal battle to put an end to GOP Gov. Ducey’s extremely expensive, functionally useless, and incredibly stupid shipping container wall along the border. Ducey did not bother getting any official permits or authorization for the performative eyesore and has ordered state authorities to begin dismantling his giant metal wall of garbage, which was so ramshackle that the wind was able to push two shipping containers off the pile.

Publix heiress-backed Jan. 6 group spent $180,000 on rally
The far-right oligarchs behind the January 6 attack on the Capitol are beginning to be exposed. Supermarket faildaughter Julie Jenkins Fancelli poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the State Tea Party Express PAC, which were then used for “rally expenses.” It just so happened to be the Trump rally which led directly to the mob invading the Capitol building. Sounds like some federal investigation is in order.

Trump caught scamming his OWN supporters

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

28 Republicans who call gay people “groomers” just voted against a bill addressing child sex abuse
It’s almost like they don’t actually care about children’s welfare but are on a political and religious crusade to demonize the most vulnerable members of society and terrorize anyone and everyone who doesn’t conform to their Christofascist conception of what society should look like. Almost.

NPR investigation: Many US hospitals sue patients for debts or threaten their credit
The greed and callousness of the for-profit health “care” industry knows no bounds. A new report from NPR has discovered that hundreds of American hospitals still actively bully and harass their patients to squeeze every last dollar for their greedy, corrupt CEOs. Lawsuits, selling patient accounts to debt buyers, and reporting patients to credit rating agencies are all common ways that hospitals punish cash-strapped people for not being able to pay their outrageous and often arbitrary fees.

Kathy Hochul’s pick for New York high court is conservative who’s sided with crisis pregnancy centers
After getting elected on a vow to protect abortion rights, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul appointed a right-wing judge, Hector LaSalle, with a history of siding with a duplicitous “pregnancy crisis center” that practiced “medicine” without a license. 50 law professors signed a letter urging Hochul not to pick LaSalle, stating that his behavior “suggests to us that Justice LaSalle does not understand the severity of the threat to women’s rights posed by anti-abortion activists and their funders.” One year after Cuomo resigned in disgrace, we are once again faced with a supposed Democrat in the New York governor’s mansion who is using their position to empower the right.

Sam Bankman-Fried to be released on $250 million bond
The FTX founder and one-time DC bigwig has been released on bond and allowed to live at his parents’ home, which should make for a superfun and totally not awkward holiday. Hi Mom, I’m home! I may have committed billions of dollars of fraud doing securities gambling while wasted on amphetamines! Oops!


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