Tell Congress: Impeach Amy Coney Barrett over her illegitimate nomination to the Supreme Court

Target: United States Congress

Eight days before an election in which a president elected with a minority of the vote and down by landslide margins in the polls, a Senate that represents a minority of the American people rammed through a Supreme Court Justice by the slimmest margin in over 160 years.

And on top of that, it was done by a two-faced, partisan senators who stole a Supreme Court seat just four years earlier from President Obama on the grounds that a potential Justice should not even receive a hearing in a presidential election year.

Enough! The American people are tired of having our voice denied. Add your name to tell Congress to impeach Amy Coney Barrett so the American people can have a voice in our own government.

The presidential election is just one week away. Republicans may want to force their will on the American people while they still can, but the majority has other plans.

Impeach Amy Coney Barrett and let the American people have our say!