Arrest and expel all Members of Congress who conspired with MAGA insurrectionists!

Amidst the developing House investigation into the January 6th MAGA insurrection, some planners of the pro-Trump events that took place have begun communicating new information to investigators. Three people have come out and said that they were allegedly in contact with multiple Members of Congress that helped in planning, as well as assisted Trump’s efforts to overturn election results. 

The anonymous allegations unraveling the events of the day identified conspiracy theorists Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Madison Cawthorn as two of the dozen members who were involved in planning.

Add your name to call for Members of Congress who conspired with MAGA insurrectionists to be indicted and expelled!

January 6th was not just a pro-Trump rally that got out of hand. January 6th was an attack on American democracy, cultivated by violent conspiracies being pushed by a narcissist and his lackeys. Deaths of Capitol police and followers could have been prevented if the involved parties respected their constituents and positions of influence enough to pull the plug on their involvement.

By intimately planning and actively engaging in the events leading up to the storming of the Capitol, guilty Members of Congress co-signed a fatal insurrection. 

Sign now to demand those Members be immediately indicted and expelled!