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Top Stories for February 22:

Trump has full meltdown over Special Counsel news

The disgraced former president lashed out at Jack Smith after finding out that his lawyer could soon be indicted, underlining just how truly powerless Trump is to stop the Special Counsel.

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Grand jury forewoman drops a giant hint in Trump election meddling probe
A foreman of the special grand jury that investigated Trump’s criminal efforts to overturn the 2020 election revealed that the jury recommended charges against several people linked to the scheme — and implied that Trump is one of them.

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BREAKING: Progressive Janet Protasiewicz wins primary with chance to flip Wisconsin’s Supreme Court from MAGA extremists

Wisconsin Democrats: Judge Protasiewicz nearly doubled the vote count of MAGA radical Dan Kelly in last night’s four-way primary election, setting her up in great position to flip Wisconsin’s Republican Supreme Court in April 4th’s must-win general election. EVERYTHING we hold dear — abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, the right to vote, and even the ability to elect a Democratic president at all — could hinge on this pivotal battleground state — can you chip in to make sure Democrats claim victory and keep Republicans from turning Wisconsin into a one-party state?

EPA orders Norfolk Southern to clean up Ohio train derailment site and pay all costs
Seems a no-brainer that Norfolk Southern would be liable for the damages of a catastrophic train derailment and hazardous chemical spill caused by their reckless pursuit of increased profit margins. Nope! Thankfully, President Biden’s EPA administrator is stepping in to hold them accountable, and if there is any justice, it’s just the start of consequences for the corporation’s greed.

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Buttigieg admits mistake in response to train derailment: “I could have spoken out sooner”
It’s refreshing to see a politician admit when they could have done better, and Buttigieg’s slow public response to the disaster in East Palestine certainly merits an acknowledgement. The best way to atone for it, however, would be to immediately begin reinstating the Obama-era train safety rules that were revoked by the Trump administration and bringing the hammer down on Norfolk Southern for a crisis that is ultimately their fault. It now falls to Secretary Buttigieg to remind the nation that the Democratic Party isn’t afraid to hold corporations accountable when their excesses cause destruction.

Take Action: Protect communities from corporate railroad greed!

Biden pledges more Moscow sanctions during historic Poland speech: “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia”

After the president’s historically bold trip to Ukraine, he appeared in Warsaw and delivered a blockbuster speech in which he celebrated the continued strength of the Ukrainian people and vowed to continue standing up against Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion. After four years of the last guy, it’s nice to see the leader of the free world actually leading the free world.

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Rep. Eastman sparks outrage after asking about the potential economic benefits of the deaths of abused Alaska children
An Alaskan Republican state rep caused an uproar after video began circulating of him proclaiming that it would be better for abused children to die so that the state doesn’t have to pay for their care. You will not be surprised to learn this man is obsessively anti-abortion, but it appears that once again his care for children stops the minute they’re born. The Republican capacity for astounding hypocrisy and cruelty for the vulnerable truly knows no bounds.

Lauren Boebert gets bad news in Colorado

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Bernie Sanders says it’s time for a four-day work week
The always outspoken progressive senator argued that since technology has increased worker productivity, workers deserve shorter weeks with “no loss of pay” so that everyone, not just CEOs, can benefit from innovation. There’s hard facts to back him up; a program to study the idea recently concluded in the United Kingdom, spanning over 3,000 workers, and found that workers slept better, firms made more money, and employees were less likely to say they did not have enough time to care for loved ones.

Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate’s detention in Romania extended for another 30 days
The proudly toxic woman-hater and alleged human trafficker was on top of the world for a brief moment. Then, he was arrested by Romanian authorities for his alleged heinous crimes — allegations that show no signs of going away as his detainment has now been extended for another month. Good. The longer Tate is off the streets, the less of his filth there is on the internet polluting the minds of young men desperate for role models.

Jennifer McClellan elected Virginia’s first Black congresswoman in special election
It’s shameful that it took this long for the state to pass this milestone, but a round of congratulations is certainly in order for the newly elected Democrat!

Biden to replace Trump migration policy with Trump-esque asylum policy
As the White House gears up for the end of one Trump-era border policy this spring, it has its sights set on resurrecting a version of another much-maligned immigration program put in place under the previous administration. The DHS and DOJ announced a proposed rule that will bar some migrants from applying for asylum in the US if they cross the border illegally or fail to first apply for safe harbor in another country. This announcement cannot go unnoticed and Democrats cannot allow their party to slip further to the right on immigration. It falls to all of us to oppose policies like this and to inform our representatives.


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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to do MORE to reduce gun violence! 

During his stirring State of the Union address, President Biden repeatedly implored Congress to “finish the job” of addressing the host of long-standing issues facing the country, from implementing police reform to passing comprehensive immigration policy, codifying reproductive rights to making healthcare more equitable for all, and many more. However, one intractable issue we haven’t even begun to tackle is gun violence, which remains stuck in the proverbial muck, to the delight of gun-obsessed Republicans. We must finally begin the job of curbing the epidemic of unspeakable — and very preventable — gun violence and pass the real, meaningful gun safety reform that is supported by a clear majority of Americans. 

In the first month of 2023, there were nearly 40 mass shootings throughout the country. Yes, you read that right. That’s more than any other January since the Gun Violence Archives began keeping such records in 2014. It’s unacceptable that after so much loss, our elected officials still haven’t managed to advance any meaningful anti-gun violence legislation through Congress. In the United States it is still legal to own an AR-15, the very killing machine that has been used time and time again to murder and maim innocent Americans en masse. AR-15s were used in the mass murders at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, the Poway synagogue, the Tree of Life synagogue, the Buffalo supermarket, Uvalde…the list goes on and on — and will continue to do so unless we finally do something about it. 

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives and demand Congress immediately take action to ban AR-15s and other assault rifles! 

Once the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) signed into law by President Clinton in 1994 expired in 2004, the number of deaths in mass shootings skyrocketed. Assault rifles are specifically designed to kill on the battlefields; there is no reason they should ever be in civilian hands. 

There were 735 mass shootings in the United States last year, up from 693 in 2021. Excluding suicide, there were 20,726 gun deaths in 2021, as well. According to the Washington Post, a child is shot every hour in America. We simply cannot stand idly by and let 2023 continue this horrific trend. The cause of this problem is clear — it’s the guns! 

Call (202.224.3121) or email your representatives to demand Congress ban assault weapons immediately!

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