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Top Stories for March 9:

Tennessee’s anti-drag lt. gov busted LOVING sexy pics from an LGBTQ performer

Randy McNally may be rubber-stamping anti-LGBTQ bills left and right as president of the state Senate, but online, he’s been stamping heart emojis on some rather provocative Instagram pictures from a 20-year-old LGBTQ performer. In a historic moment for political press releases, McNally’s office declared that he just loves posting supportive messages to his followers and refuses to stop. As funny as it is, the disconnect is disturbing, showing just how removed right-wing politicians are from the real-world consequences of their legislation and how alienated they are from the people they’re hurting. The performer in question, Franklyn Clur, says that “I hope he can extend that kindness by trying to make sure no bills are passed to hurt anyone like me.”

Take Action: Demand 36 state legislatures reject the HUNDREDS of proposed anti-trans bills!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jamie Raskin wrecks Trump in takedown of the year

The Maryland congressman humiliated Trump for his hero-worship of strongmen leaders and for his disastrous policy decisions.

Take Action: Tell Congress to cut the Pentagon’s budget and help the people!

Dark money billionaires are putting their finger on the scale

Wisconsin Democrats A MAGA Super PAC just dropped over THREE MILLION DOLLARS into the Wisconsin Supreme Court race to give their radical, right-wing candidate a leg up. Can you chip in to help progressive Judge Janet Protasiewicz flip the radical right-wing court to a progressive majority and keep our democracy safe from yet another extremist pro-Trump judge in the most important swing state in the nation?

Tennessee House passes bill gutting marriage equality
It was only a matter of time before the hysterical anti-trans crusade was expanded to include ALL gay people — and it’s here. Tennessee Republicans have passed a bill that would tell county clerks they “shall not be required to solemnize a marriage if the person has an objection to solemnizing the marriage based on the person’s conscience or religious beliefs.” This is meant to deny gay marriages but could even be used to block interracial marriage, which not a few Republicans have expressed interest in doing.

DOJ issues scathing rebuke of Louisville police in report launched after Breonna Taylor killing
A Justice Department investigation has concluded that the Louisville police regularly employs shockingly abusive conduct against the city’s Black residents, painting a picture of top-to-bottom, institutionalized racism at every level. It turns out the heinous killing of Breonna Taylor was just the tip of the iceberg for the LMPD, whose leaders have long failed to implement reforms and defended the illegal conduct of their officers on their way to paying a staggering $40 million in police brutality settlements — funded by taxpayers, of course. While city officials have pinkie promised to make meaningful changes THIS time, they can’t be given the benefit of the doubt until we see some actual results.

Take Action: Tell Congress to defend Medicaid and CHIP!

Arkansas is set to roll back child labor protections

GOP Gov. and ex-Trump lie czar Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signalled she will sign a bill to roll back child labor protections. Very telling how quick they go from “every child’s life is PRECIOUS” to “yeah, your thirteen-year-old should be getting chemical burns cleaning the murdersaw in a slaughterhouse!”

Take Action: Tell Congress to raise the minimum wage!

How the Russo-Ukrainian War accidentally launched a clean energy revolution in Europe
There is a silver lining to every dark cloud, no matter how murderous and destructive that cloud might be. While everyone feared that the loss of cheap Russian gas would force Europe back into dirty coal-burning following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the opposite has happened. In 2022, European solar investment increased 35% compared to 2021, wind investment increased 62%, and battery storage increased 78% — resulting in a projected 43% (forty! three! percent!) drop in electricity produced by fossil fuels in 2023. The EU has proved that the rapid decarbonization called for by climate activists CAN be done, and can be done quickly. So…ring ring, President Biden! Let’s get on it!

Biden finally shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen About time.

China wants to avoid escalation with US and favors stable relations, US spy chief says
Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress that China is not looking for conflict with the United States and prefers a stable relationship, but also “represents both the leading and most consequential threat to US national security and leadership globally.” The intelligence community’s latest report on global threats, which was released earlier Wednesday, said Chinese leaders would look to try to divide the US and its allies but also reduce friction with the US when it suited Beijing’s agenda.

Kari Lake on Trump’s VP short list
Those close to Trump say the disgraced ex-president is going to pick a woman as his vice president in a cynical effort to bolster his numbers with white women voters…but the catch is that he will only pick someone slavishly loyal to him and who won’t outshine him on the campaign trail…which makes his slim pickings even slimmer. His candidates appear to be deranged conspiracist Kari Lake, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. At least it seems like Marjorie Taylor Greene is out?

Scientists have revived a “zombie” virus that spent 48,500 years frozen in permafrost
We know what you’re thinking — but this virus only affects single-cell amoebas, so only Ted Cruz needs to be worried (heyoooo! we’ll be here all week). It is very good news for our ability to understand and study the risks of ancient viruses that might come crawling out of the rapidly-melting permafrost in the Arctic.

Fox News “journalists” sound off on “soul-crushing” Dominion filings
Oh nooooo! Poor baby! Did somebody knowingly go to work for a fascist propaganda network run by white supremacists and sexual predators and now they’re worried for their journalistic cwedibility as it becomes clear the network knowingly promoted conspiracy theories intended to undermine our democwacy and legitimize a tywant? So sad for you.


We need unions…

…because these MFers are hoarding all the goddamn money

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Today’s Action: Register voters for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election next month!

Abortion rights are taking center stage once again, this time in Wisconsin, where progressive voters have a chance to flip control of the state Supreme Court and help restore equitable access to reproductive healthcare. Securing Democratic seats on the state’s high court could spell the end of the current, near-total abortion ban that’s been on the books since 1849. And since Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin is some of the most egregious in the country, this may be our best chance at restoring reproductive rights for marginalized people currently being denied equitable access to care.

While progressives have managed to deliver a string of recent statewide abortion-rights victories in the wake of last summer’s disastrous SCOTUS ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, we must be steadfast in our pursuit to restore and preserve access to abortion care to the millions of folks living in Republican-dominated red states. The battle for reproductive healthcare is raging, and we must stand ready to fight.

Sign up to register voters for Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election every Friday from 12-2pm CST now until April 4! You don’t have to be in Wisconsin to join the fight, just be ready to put in the work to help identify and register new Wisconsin voters!

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