Demand Trump be forced to testify for the January 6th committee!

With the first hearing taking place on the last Tuesday of July, the committee formed to investigate the deadly January 6th insurrection has voiced intent to subpoena involved parties. Senior members of the Trump administration, those who spoke with Trump on January 6th, and even Trump himself are considered key witnesses. 

There is no doubt that disgraced ex-President Trump had an influence in inciting the Capitol riots, and the degree to which he did so must be thoroughly investigated.

Add your name to demand Donald Trump testify before the January 6th committee!

January 6th was a traumatic day for our country, a public attack on democracy that left Capitol staff and legislators in fear for their lives. As our nation heals from this shared trauma, those involved in what happened that day and the days surrounding it must be held accountable.

Our communities deserve answers. Donald Trump must be formally called before the committee to give an honest account of his involvement, as well as any other official who played a part in the events at the Capitol. 

Sign your name and call for ex-President Trump’s required testimony during the investigation!