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Top Stories for January 21:

Jim Jordan’s spiteful witch hunt stalls after DOJ tells him to pound sand

The Ohio Republican’s efforts to weaponize the Judiciary Committee and use it to launch multiple Benghazi-style hearings against the targets of OAN conspiracy theories immediately ran into a wall as the Department of Justice refused to play ball. The idea that the DOJ would compromise their own investigations so that Jordan, MTG, Gosar, and Boebert can hold a show trial for Hunter Biden’s penis is beyond ridiculous, which makes it even more obvious that this is nothing but a stunt designed to let Jordan weep and moan about how he’s being repressed by the “deep state,” or whatever.

Take Action: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican gets schooled by Fox News host to his face live on air

You know the Republican Party’s attacks and misinformation talking points are especially egregious when even the hacks at Fox News won’t let them pass across their air without setting the record straight. New GOP darling Byron Donalds found out the hard way!

Take Action: Investigate Republicans who could be constitutionally disqualified from holding office!

The real Speaker of the House: Matt Gaetz

OD Action Partner: The worst of the worst holds the real power in Congress — but we can end this circus if we win back the majority! United Rural Democrats is working overtime to support Democrats in rural areas who can WIN with resources and infrastructure. Can you chip in to help us retake the House from Trump’s radical goons?

Popular Dem Ruben Gallego to challenge Kyrsten Sinema for Senate
Democrat turned hedge fund advocate Krysten Sinema spent the entirety of last year deliberately obstructing President Biden’s progressive agenda on behalf of corporate America, then walked away from the party entirely when her approval rating plummeted. Disgusted with both her atrocious fashion sense and her appalling behavior — which culminated in a very public high-five with Joe Manchin over their refusal to abolish the filibuster and let the Democratic majority pass its agenda — the voters of Arizona have made it clear they are ready for a change. Rep. Ruben Gallego is expected to announce on Monday that he will be running for Sinema’s seat, giving us the chance to replace a Republican-in-all-but-name with a true progressive.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

GOP tries to backdoor abortion bans despite crushing defeat at the polls
A Kansas lawmaker introduced a bill that would allow abortion restrictions – up to and including total bans — even though both the state Supreme Court has struck them down and voters roundly rejected them in a statewide referendum, proving once and for all that the authoritarian GOP doesn’t care about the rule of law or the will of the people whatsoever.

Take Action: Tell the DOJ to challenge EVERY abortion ban in the country!

Trump completely retreats from lawsuit against New York AG Letitia James

It appears that the disgraced ex-president knows the jig is up. After Trump and his legal team got hit with a $1 million fine for filing a ridiculous, baseless lawsuit accusing Hillary Clinton of rigging the 2016 election against him, he has quickly decided to “voluntarily dismiss” another baseless, frivolous lawsuit against New York’s attorney general, who he accused of “intimidation and racism” for investigating him and his family for fraud. Whoops.

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department to bring charges against Trump!

14-year-old charged after allegedly shooting his girlfriend over breakup
American masculinity is truly in crisis if you have literal children attempting to commit femicide over a breakup. Thankfully, the victim, also 14, has survived the attack despite three gunshots hitting her in the head, with one bullet lodging in her eye socket. America’s gun violence epidemic also fuels an epidemic of women murdered by their partners, spurned suitors and incel stalkers, and these two crises must be addressed together if we’re ever going to make the unending horrors stop.

Republicans caught pulling disgusting scheme

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Vile.

George Santos’s congressional Twitter account mysteriously disappears
Let’s all take a deep breath and enjoy having one less Republican grifter on Twitter while it lasts.

Trump ally Rupert Murdoch to be deposed in $1.6 billion 2020 election lawsuit
The Fox News chief’s chickens are finally coming home to roost, as the defamation lawsuit brought by the Dominion voting machine company against Fox for their willing role amplifying Trump’s lies forces him to go under oath.

Black man sues cops after being pulled over 70 times in 8 years
T.J. Juty is suing the Worcester, Massachusetts police department for racial profiling after harassing him dozens of times for the most frivolous of justifications, including his registration not listing his car’s custom vinyl wrapping — which isn’t even required by law.

Iowa GOP reps introduce bill to ban meat, other staples from SNAP food program
In today’s episode of “Republicans hate poor people and are literally trying to kill them,” the Iowa GOP has come up with new ways to humiliate and degrade those on food stamps by banning the purchase normal things like…white bread, flour, rice, butter, fresh meat, and even American cheese. They are transparently piling on needless humiliation on those who need help the most. A truly breathtaking show of cruelty from a sadistic political party openly waging class war against the poorest and most vulnerable members of American society.


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