Tell Joe Manchin to stop caving to Republicans and let the majority govern!

Target: Sen. Joe Manchin

West Virginia’s Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is holding up the entire Democratic agenda. 

Our hard fought victory to win back the White House and regain the narrowest of majorities in the Senate should mean that Democrats finally have control of the policy that comes out of Congress. But with the Jim Crow filibuster in place, the GOP minority has nearly as much control as the majority, forcing every bill to pass a 60-vote threshold instead of 51 votes.

And Manchin wants to keep the filibuster in place.

Add your name to demand Sen. Joe Manchin allows the majority to work the way it is intended, instead of keeping GOP minority rule in place!

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell does not allow his party to do anything Democrats want – he’s infamous for filibustering his own bill when he realized it might prove advantageous to President Obama. Manchin is spouting fantasies of “negotiating” with the Republicans who intend to block every single Democratic priority until they win back the Senate.

Unless Manchin agrees to eliminate the filibuster, he is essentially working for Republicans instead of his own party. 

Sign here to demand Sen. Joe Manchin eliminates the Jim Crow filibuster and starts working for his own party!