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Top Stories for February 11:

McConnell scapegoats Rick Scott after Biden skewered Republicans in State of the Union for their plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare

Ok, so, after decades of Republicans privately frothing for the chance to gut Social Security and Medicare, Florida’s Senator Rick Scott, Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said the quiet part out loud with an official party policy. This week, President Biden expertly weaponized the truth to expose the Republican scheme on his biggest stage, and a panicking Mitch McConnell is left attacking his own and backtracking from their devastating plans. You love to see it, folks.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jamie Raskin brings the House down with clapback of the year

When Kentucky Republican James Comer tried to brag about low crime is in his home state, the brilliant Maryland Democrat shot him down to his face.

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Democrats score major unexpected win

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Another GOP freshman caught lying about heritage, exaggerating bio
Republican Anna Paulina Luna of Florida claimed to have a Jewish father during the campaign, but relatives have come forward to reveal her father was, in fact, Catholic. She also forgot to mention a Nazi grandfather amidst all the Jewish mishegoss! Turns out, a lot of Republicans in Congress are full of shitish.

1/6 special counsel subpoenas Trump’s former National Security Advisor
Special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed Robert O’Brien as part of his probes into the former president’s handling of classified documents and the plot to overturn the 2020 election. This move coming so soon after Mike Pence was subpoenaed suggests the walls may finally be closing in around the disgraced former president.

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George Santos caught lying about Kyrsten Sinema exchange

K-pop sensation and Hall of Fame quarterback George Santos took time off from Super Bowl festivities to step in his own feces again, bragging that Senator Sinema told him to “hang in there” after Mitt Romney humiliated him at the State of the Union Address. When asked about this supposed exchange, Sinema flatly called the anecdote “a lie.”

FBI search of Pence’s home uncovers more documents
Seems a lot of former top officials have inadvertently mishandled a few classified documents over the years. But only one outright stole hundreds of sensitive documents, including nuclear secrets, lied to authorities about it, and left them in a ballroom for guests to oggle in an apparent scheme to undermine US security for personal profit. You’ll never guess which one!

Rail companies blocked safety rules before Ohio derailment
Documents reveal that Norfolk Southern, the company behind the fiery train derailment that forced emergency evacuations in Ohio last weekend, worked with lobbyists to kill federal rules designed to force the industry to upgrade its Civil War-era braking systems. Also, despite the train bursting into flames after it derailed, Norfolk Southern managed to operate it for years free from regulations that are supposed to govern trains that are classified as “high-hazard flammable.”

Take Action: Denounce Exxon for hiding the evidence of climate change from the public!

Biden orders “unidentified object” shot down over Alaska
For the second time in less than a week, a U.S. jet has taken down a suspicious object flying through American airspace. President Biden was briefed on the object – which officials are not describing as a balloon – not long after it was spotted over northern Alaska Thursday, with the order to shoot it down given later that day.

Bodycam footage suggests cops lied about protesters shooting state trooper
Atlanta area police shot and killed protester Manuel Teran after responding to a gunshot from protesters that hit a state trooper in the groin. Or so we were told. Audio from bodycam footage, however, captured an Atlanta PD officer telling a Georgia state trooper, “Man…you fucked your own officer up?”

Josh Hawley launches transgender witch hunt in his home state

Notorious insurrection cheerleader and accomplished sprinter Josh Hawley announced on Thursday that he’s launched an official investigation into the transgender center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for what he termed their “egregious abuses and potential malpractice regarding minors.” Their supposed crime? Providing gender-affirming healthcare to trans kids with their parents’ consent. They’re coming, folks, and they don’t care who they harm.


Florida, man

What in the world?



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