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Top Stories for November 25:

Kanye West says Trump “really impressed” with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, furious about Ye’s 2024 plans

An antisemite, a megalomaniac, and a serial grifter walk into a room… Wait, who’s who here?

Club Q owner blames right-wing “groomer” rhetoric for Colorado Springs massacre
“It’s different to walk down the street holding my boyfriend’s hand and getting spit at (as opposed to) a politician relating a drag queen to a groomer of their children,” said Nic Grzecka, the co-owner of Club Q. “I would rather be spit on in the street than the hate get as bad as where we are today.”

Take Action: Demand school boards stop banning LGBTQ+ books from libraries!

Top prosecutor issues BRUTAL news for Trump over special counsel

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Long-time accountant testifies, confirms Trump claimed huge tax losses for at least a decade
The disgraced ex-president reported losses on his tax returns every year for a decade, including nearly $700 million in 2009 and $200 million in 2010, his longtime accountant testified Tuesday, confirming long-held suspicions about the serial con man and very stable genius’ nefarious tax practices.

Take Action: Tell corporations to suspend all their Twitter advertising!

Texas “anti-woke” bank goes bust in 3 months
GloriFi, the Peter Thiel-backed “anti-woke” bank that touted capitalism, family, law enforcement, and the love of God and country (uh, so, like a bank then), burned through $50 million in investment money, laid off most of its staff days before Thanksgiving, and informed workers it was shutting down for good.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid accepts Herschel Walker’s challenge to debate

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

Take Action: Oppose Congressional GOP attacks on LGBTQ+ rights!

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates state’s 6-week abortion ban
The Georgia state Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily reinstated the state’s six-week abortion ban, which had been struck down by a lower court last week. Another 10.8 million Americans have just had their rights curtailed thanks to “pro-freedom” Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and his “small government” radical cronies.

Let’s make Joe Manchin irrelevant

OD Action Partner: If we can re-elect Sen. Warnock, we can keep Joe Manchin from derailing the President’s ambitious progressive agenda and pass all the legislation we’ve fought so hard for. Will you contribute to United Rural Democrats to get out the vote in Georgia and expand our Senate majority?

Outgoing Arizona GOP governor welcomes Democratic successor as Kari Lake still refuses to concede
Vanquished Republican gubernatorial candidate and practicing conspiracy theorist Kari Lake just can’t seem to accept the fact that Democrat Katie Hobbs will be Arizona’s next governor, a fact made even more abundantly clear after outgoing GOP Gov. Doug Ducey welcomed his successor to the governor’s mansion and pledged an orderly transition.

Kyle Rittenhouse releases “Turkey Shoot” video game that lets players shoot creatures that exhibit “liberal bias”
Wonderful timing, Kyle!

Hundreds of New York women are about to sue alleged rapists (and enablers) under a revolutionary new law
Under the Adult Survivors Act, New Yorkers who were sexually assaulted as adults but who have run out of time to seek accountability in court will have a one-year “lookback window” to sue their abusers, as well as institutions that were negligent in responding to the assault. Winter is coming.

On Black Friday, Amazon workers in 40+ countries strike and protest “despicable” treatment
Thousands of Amazon workers in more than 40 countries are planning to mark Black Friday by walking off the job and protesting the corporate behemoth’s abuse of employees and the climate, as well as its chronic avoidance of taxes while raking in huge profits.

America the beautiful?

What a wonderful world?


Today’s Action: Sign up for Georgia runoff letter writing with the cast of Hamilton!

Usually, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a day for resting — and while we here at OD Action certainly still want you to enjoy your holiday, the Georgia runoff election is just too important to our progressive cause for us to slow down now. While Democrats will in fact retain control of the US Senate, Sen. Raphael Warnock’s runoff contest against the observably awful Herschel Walker on Dec. 6th is absolutely critical.

We must stay engaged and involved and keep Georgia blue. We need as many progressives in office as possible to preserve the rights we’ve been fighting so hard for —  reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. One more seat in the Senate could mean the difference between advancing our progressive agenda or watching Mitch McConnell obstruct and disrupt any further progress over the next two years. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in Georgia to join this fight, just be ready to channel the late, great John Lewis and stir up some “good trouble.”

Good, old-fashioned letter writing is one effective way you can pitch in from the comfort of your own home. Tonight from 6-7pm EST, Vote Forward is hosting an amazing letter-writing opportunity, where you’ll be able to write alongside others and learn tips to refine your message to voters. On top of having the wisdom of the Vote Forward team on tap, you’ll also get to hear from past and present Hamilton cast members!


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