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Top Stories for October 28:

Nancy Pelosi’s husband violently assaulted at San Francisco home, suspect in custody

Paul Pelosi has been hospitalized after an assailant broke into the Pelosi family home and violently attacked the 82-year-old husband of the Speaker of the House.

Take Action: Kick Fox News off the air for inciting violence against the government!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pete Buttigieg gets huge ovation with perfect takedown of Republicans

President Biden’s transportation secretary demonstrated once again just how good he is at dismantling the GOP’s flagrant bad-faith behavior, and Stephen Colbert’s audience absolutely loved it.

Take Action: Pass the congressional stock trading ban!

Snake-oil Oz wants POLITICIANS in your PRIVATE LIFE

OD Action Partner: While the media focuses on Fetterman’s recovery – don’t make the mistake of thinking Oz is anything but a conman. We’ve elected a reality-star before…and it didn’t go great the first round.

Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover, promptly fires top executives
Now, we wait to see if the tech bozo billionaire will let Donald Trump back on the platform as he’s vowed to do — and if he’s sincere about making sure Twitter doesn’t devolve into a “free-for-all hellscape” of propaganda and lies. Let’s not hold our breath.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect immigrant youths from deportation!

Oil companies enjoy record profits as Americans again battle gas price surges
Republicans have tried desperately to blame President Biden for high gas prices, but it turns out the real culprit is the capitalist greed they enable — Shell alone made earnings of $9.45 billion last quarter, all while draining the wallets of hardworking Americans.

Take Action: Call on President Biden to commit to phasing out fossil fuels!

Trump loses court bid to block Congress from getting his income tax returns

The disgraced ex-president failed in his efforts to shield his tax returns from congressional investigators, and now his sole recourse lies with the Supreme Court — which may decide to not hear his appeal at all.

Take Action: Demand billionaires pay their fair share. Tax the rich!

Philadelphia sheriff’s deputy sold guns illegally, including two used in high school killing
Just another bad apple from an otherwise completely healthy orchard in need of no intervention, introspection, or wholesale transformation whatsoever. Carry on! Literally!

Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

New York Post employee posts fake headlines calling for the murder and rape of female politicians
After a string of disturbing headlines and tweets, which included one that called for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to be raped and AOC to be assassinated, the Post claimed they were hacked. Hours later, they said it was actually a rogue employee who was responsible for the violent, racist posts. In reality, the heinous fake articles track alongside the typical drivel published by the notorious right-wing rag.

Garbage RNC Chair mocks John Fetterman’s post-stroke speech & President Biden’s stutter
Ronna McDaniel, who is no paragon of elocution or articulation herself, showed just how cruel her party can be by attacking the two prominent Democrats for medical conditions.

Private contractors accused of abusive labor practices on US military bases
Thousands of people have allegedly been trafficked into labor by private contractors on US military bases, where workers have been paid less than promised, charged bogus recruiting fees that leave them deep in debt, and pressured to sign improper contracts and work long hours. In some cases, the trafficking victims have even faced physical abuse.

St. Louis shooting suspect blocked from buying gun by FBI background check purchased AR-15 rifle from private seller
What’s that? Pass common-sense gun safety laws to keep killing machines out of the hands of dangerous, unstable people? What are you, sensible?


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Today’s Action: Sign up to phone bank with Ohio’s Tim Ryan!

Democrat Tim Ryan is running a tight race against Trump’s hand-picked, flip-flopping lackey, JD Vance, for Ohio’s open Senate seat. While many Republicans consider the seat a safe bet, Ryan has a longstanding track record of fighting for working families in Ohio and is pulling in impressive progressive support from across the country. This is just one of several crucial races in November that could tip the balance of power in Congress.

The margin of error for keeping the House and Senate in Democrat hands is far too thin for comfort — but there are plenty of ways we can take action to ensure we keep power, including phone banking. Ohio Workers First Campaign is hosting a phone-banking session where Ryan will speak over Zoom before you get started, which is a perfect opportunity to hear directly from Tim what his campaign is all about. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional, just ready to show up and do good work. We are rapidly approaching Election Day; progressives must kick into overdrive to secure the future working America deserves.

Sign up for Ohio Workers First Campaign’s phone-banking session with Tim Ryan NEXT Saturday, November 5th, from 9-11:30AM EDT. The voters you reach could make the difference on Election Day!

The fight for a truly progressive future does not end with Tim Ryan in Ohio. There are committed Democratic candidates all across the country who need your help getting out the vote next month. You can filter through virtual phone- and text-banking events through Mobilize. So many critical issues are on the line this election, including reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, and justice reform — everything we’ve fought so hard for! It’s never been more important to get out the vote and work for real change in America. Join the fight and do your part today!


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