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Top Stories for February 5:

Trump forced to void hundreds of NDAs as part of $450,000 campaign settlement

The disgraced ex-president was forced to void hundreds of non-disclosure agreements as part of a damning settlement with former campaign aide Jessica Denson, who alleged Trump’s team tried to shut her up when she went public with allegations of abusive treatment by another 2016 campaign member. The $450,000 settlement also conveniently frees hundreds of other former workers and volunteers from the NDAs they signed, paving the way for them to speak about their time working for the very stable genius and his tremendously perfect campaign.

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department: Charge Trump for the dozens of crimes he’s committed!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: George Santos finally called out on air for mounting legal issues

Santos, New York’s current 3rd district congressman and noted Scooby Doo villain who would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids, struggled to muster a single coherent sentence in what should have been the softest of softball interviews on the far-right propaganda channel, One America News Network. This very unserious man is in very serious trouble, and New York Democrats should be deeply shamed and ashamed for losing a crucial House seat to such a charlatan.

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Radical Republicans won’t stop at banning abortion

Americans for Contraception: It’s painfully clear that the extremist GOP’s ultimate goal is to take away every tool a woman has to exercise agency over her own body — even contraception. Justice Clarence Thomas immediately set his sights on contraception as soon as Roe v. Wade was overturned, and anti-abortion zealots are already filing a slew of lawsuits attacking contraception as a form of abortion. We need to start fighting back NOW. Can you chip in to help protect our reproductive rights?

Supreme Court justices routinely used personal email for “sensitive transmissions”
This week’s episode of “But her emails!” turns the spotlight on the fabled Supreme Court of the United States. CNN just released a damning report painting a “detailed picture of yearslong lax internal procedures that could have endangered security” including the use of “personal email accounts for sensitive transmissions” instead of secure servers. Justices, who were “not masters of information security protocol” to begin with, were reportedly “slow to adopt to the technology” and were enabled by subordinate employees too nervous to challenge them.

Take Action: Tell the DOJ to challenge EVERY abortion ban in the country!

Democrats make South Carolina first presidential primary voting state
In a long-overdue move, the Democratic National Committee officially dethroned lilly white Iowa and New Hampshire from the status they have enjoyed for decades leading off the presidential primary, ratifying President Biden’s recommendation for the 2024 calendar. The shake up, vehemently opposed by party officials in Iowa and New Hampshire and welcomed basically everywhere else, finally gives a more diverse coalition of voters an earlier say in the byzantine primary process in a refreshing win for progress.

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop scam PACs!

Cosplay tough guy GOP rep who handed out assault rifle lapel pins to colleagues roasted as embarrassing Jan. 6 insurrection photo resurfaces

In an infamous and very unflattering photo circulating around the pesky internet, GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde can be seen cowering in abject fear behind an officer at the US Capitol during Trump’s deadly insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. The very brave patriot Clyde found himself in the spotlight once again for passing out stupid assault rifle lapel pins to fellow cosplay tough guys on the House floor this week, and the internet had some things to say about that.

White House warns GOP bill would force “one of the biggest Medicare benefit cuts” in US history
In an utterly unsurprising move, House Republicans unveiled plans to repeal the transformative Inflation Reduction Act with a bill that the White House says would “slash lifelines for middle-class families on behalf of rich special interests.” And of course that’s exactly the objective for a party that has spent nearly half a century hacking away at poor and working families in order to funnel even more money to the already wealthy, all in the supposed name of the deficits that Republicans are primarily responsible for growing.

Republicans pull DISASTROUS stunt in the House

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Gross.

Experts fear bird flu outbreak could turn into new pandemic
An ongoing outbreak of a deadly H5N1 avian flu strain has already killed millions of birds, and it’s becoming an even greater cause for concern as it spills over into mammalian species. Since 2022, H5N1 has led to the deaths of more than 58 million domestic birds like chickens, ducks, and turkeys in the United States alone. Scientists have now found various wild mammals infected with the virus, including bears, foxes, otters, seals, and — so far — five humans.

China slams Pentagon’s downing of balloon as an “excessive reaction”
China claims that the giant balloon was a “civilian aircraft,” which is just objectively hilarious.

Gas stove makers have a pollution solution, they’re just not using it
Appliance manufacturers created cleaner and more efficient burners FORTY years ago but conveniently never introduced them into the marketplace because they purportedly cost more to make, were less durable, and harder to clean. Why do the right thing when it’s more profitable to poison children and help destroy the planet? It’s almost as if the free market could use some protections against corporate greed… Almost.

Anti-abortion group ordered to cough up $960,000 to Planned Parenthood over obnoxious noise violations
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