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Top Stories for January 4:

Matt Gaetz is accusing Kevin McCarthy of squatting in the speaker’s office before he’s even got the job

Trump’s feral lapdog is so intent on denying McCarthy the speakership he’s even calling the refs on McCarthy’s presumptous moving of all his stuff into the Speaker’s office, a title he does not yet hold. This does not bode well for today’s inevitable fourth, possibly fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds of voting. Grab your popcorn and let the circus unfold!

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: George Santos gets brutal welcome on his first day of Congress

The pathological MAGA liar is straight-up not having a good time out there. Republicans are learning all sorts of lessons about that “consequences of your actions” thing.

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Will Trump be indicted in 2023?

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

House adjourns after chaotic day without electing a speaker as McCarthy fails to lock down votes
What should have been the crowning moment for McCarthy’s despicable career is quickly turning into his worst nightmare as the civil war within the GOP threatens to deny him the Speakership entirely. Who could have predicted making a deal with the devil would come back to haunt him?

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Donald Trump Jr. signs 7-figure podcast deal with Rumble
With the Trump family, the grifting gravy train never seems to end — and now the increasingly erratic son of the disgraced former president is cashing in on his possibly-cocaine fueled rants by inking a deal with YouTube’s far-right competitor. The show will be called “TRIGGERED with Donald Trump Jr,” which is ironic because the content will certainly be just Donnie J. complaining about things that trigger him.

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Curious AOC-Matt Gaetz interaction caught on camera during Speakership battle

Tongues wagged on social media after a clip of Ocasio-Cortez conferring with Republican Reps Gaetz and Gosar began circulating. It turns out that Gaetz was grilling Ocasio-Cortez about McCarthy’s insinuations that Republicans would be able to cut a deal with Democrats to vote present, enabling him to win a majority of those present and voting. AOC bluntly told Gaetz that wasn’t happening, confirming there’d be no side deal with Democratic leadership and leaving McCarthy to deal with the crisis of his own creation.

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Retail pharmacies can offer abortion pills, FDA says
Under a new regulatory change, pharmacies that become certified may dispense mifepristone — which is used with misoprostol in first-trimester abortions — directly to patients after receiving a prescription from a certified health provider, according to a statement from Danco Laboratories, one of the makers of the pill. It marks a quiet but important victory in the battle for abortion access across America.

Video game workers form Microsoft’s first US labor union
Perhaps the most undercovered news story in America right now is the resurgent labor movement, and the spirit of organizing is moving into the tech sector. A group of video game testers is forming Microsoft’s first labor union in the US, which will also be the largest in the video game industry. Communications Workers of America said Tuesday that about 300 quality-assurance workers at Microsoft video game subsidiary ZeniMax Studios have voted to join the union. Video game testing is not nearly as fun as it sounds; testers are treated as disposable by their companies and are routinely overworked and underpaid — which is why a union is just what they need!

2 men charged in connection to attacks on Washington power substations
According to court documents, the two men broke into the four substations and manipulated the high side breaks, causing the outages but did not steal or cut any wire. They reportedly told law enforcement they cut the power so they could rob a nearby business, but given that the substations are dozens of miles apart, that story does not appear to check out.

Twitter sued over $136,260 in unpaid rent after Elon Musk takeover
Apparently “genius businessman” Elon Musk has somehow convinced himself that “not paying rent” is some kind of a cost-cutting move. Now a hefty bill has come due that only adds to Twitter’s growing PR and financial issues.






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Today’s Action: Stand with Howard Brown Health Workers United!  

On December 30th, Chicago’s Howard Brown Health heartlessly laid off more than 60 union workers in a pitifully timed move to purportedly course correct and “live within [their] means.”, More than 400 Howard Brown Health Workers United members responded swiftly, launching a three-day strike on January 3rd. The layoffs are cutting already understaffed areas of the hospital — just two sexual assault trauma care persons and only six therapists are on staff to serve 30,000 patients.  

CEO David Munar’s milquetoast statement that the removal of 60 staffers would not affect patient care couldn’t be further from the truth. It will drastically impact the lives of staff, their family members, patients, and more. With this move, Howard Brown Health’s management is effectively saying they couldn’t care less about mental health and family planning in Chicago — or the people they employ. We can’t stand for it.  

Howard Brown Health Workers United needs our solidarity now more than ever. Please consider donating to their strike fund, utilizing their strike toolkit to spread the word, sending angry emails to the people in charge, or all of those options if you’re feeling impassioned. However you show your solidarity, demand Howard Brown Health immediately rehire the laid-off workers and commit to no further downsizing at the expense of people’s health. 

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