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Top Stories for November 3:

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate says GOP “will never lose another election” if he wins

Hello? Is anyone listening? He’s saying it! Out loud! They’re going to dismantle democracy! Wisconsin is already one of the most outrageously gerrymandered states in the country — to the point where Democrats literally cannot win the state House even if they get more votes — and Republican Tim Michels is openly bragging about how he’s going to create a permanent one-party state. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Take Action: Expel Ron Johnson for trying to overturn the election with fake Trump electors!

Beto flips Trump voters in stunning reversal

Our swaggin’, swearin’, skateboardin’ future Texas governor is making quite a case for himself!

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Michigan Democrats on verge of STUNNING development

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

President Biden delivers thundering speech ahead of midterms, calling the elections a “turning point” for democracy
“We must with an overwhelming voice stand against political violence and voter intimidation, period. Stand up and speak against it,” Biden said in a roughly 20-minute speech near the Capitol. “We don’t settle our differences in America with a riot, a mob, or a bullet, or a hammer. We settle them peacefully at the ballot box. We have to be honest with ourselves, though. We have to face this problem. We can’t turn away from it. We can’t pretend it’s just going to solve itself.”

Take Action: Call on President Biden to commit to phasing out fossil fuels!

CVS, Walgreens reach $5 billion deals to settle opioid lawsuits
Once again, the corporations responsible for pumping shocking amounts of deadly, hyperaddictive opioids into American communities are paying a pittance in blood money before returning to business as usual. No wrongdoing was admitted by either company.

Take Action: Demand Congress lower drug prices now!

Trump lawyers saw Justice Thomas as “only chance” to stop 2020 election certification, emails show

All these agonizing months of interminable legal battles were nothing but a delaying tactic. Trump’s cronies knew he didn’t have a case unless it was put in front of a loyal lapdog — and this alone should be the death knell for Thomas’ tenure on the Supreme Court, if the GOP writ large wasn’t also dedicated to overturning the 2020 election for Trump.

Exactly zero kids got “rainbow fentanyl” in their Halloween candy
There were 1,542 news stories about how rainbow fent was going to kill your kids on Halloween and precisely ZERO incidents of it actually happening. It’s obvious that this was a right-wing, police state-driven narrative to inspire terror in the hearts of American parents that was hysterically picked up and promoted without question by corporate news media right before an election.

The challenges we face are great and the need to solve them urgent — but together, we can build a better future for our environment and our children

Environmental Defense Fund: EDF is working nonstop to fight climate change, protect our vulnerable wildlife and keep our communities safe from toxic pollution. Can you chip in to support their efforts?

AIPAC spending big with the NRCC to defeat progressive Summer Lee
Once again, the Israeli lobby’s political arm is intervening in American politics to derail a young progressive who dared to criticize Israel’s atrocious human rights record after already having spent $3 million in a failed effort to defeat her during the Democratic primary earlier this year.

Judge dismisses Meadows lawsuit challenging Jan. 6 panel subpoenas
It turns out the Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause does protect members of Congress conducting legislative work from frivilous civil lawsuits filed by seditious bozos looking to cover their ass.

No accountability: How a rare effort to compensate Iraqi airstrike victims failed
A grim report from The Intercept details how the US and its allies in the war against ISIS compensated just one of the families of the 8,000 to 13,000 innocent civilians killed by relentless bombing campaigns. The US-led coalition, more concerned with covering up their own responsibility than helping any of the people whose lives they ruined and whose family members they murdered, have only acknowledged 1,417 casualties to date.

Republican door knockers intimidate voters while hunting for phantom fraud
Right-wing extremists cosplaying as vote canvassers are now harrassing and interrogating people door to door, because winning elections on actual substance or policy platforms is clearly not an option for the morally and intellectually decrepit GOP.


I did Nazi that coming

Bad apples, everywhere


Today’s Action: Get out the vote for pro-choice candidates!

Your vote this year could mean the difference between American women having access to legal, safe abortions or the further criminalization of life-saving reproductive healthcare.

At least 21 states are preparing for crucial elections this fall for state Supreme Court justices, governorships, and statehouses that could turn the tide in the fight for abortion rights. The overturning of Roe v. Wade placed the lives of pregnant women throughout the country at even greater risk, with those in red states subjected to extremist trigger laws designed to force unwanted and dangerous pregnancies. We must ensure that no more anti-choice conservatives are elected to public office — lives quite literally depend on it.

Who is elected to congressional seats next Tuesday could make or break our access to reproductive care. Even if you don’t live in their district, there are pro-choice candidates all across the country who need your help reaching voters before November 8th. Sign up to call voters in support of those candidates any day until election day! There are multiple time slots available, so find a free hour that works for you and join the fight!


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