Reject the wave of anti-LGBTQ bills in states!

Target: State Legislatures

Democrats may hold the White House and Congress, but this has not stopped the most bigoted corners of the GOP from pushing forward their aggressively anti-LGBTQ agenda at the state level. 

From bills that prohibit doctors from providing healthcare to transgender youth (introduced in 17 states!) to banning transgender youth from school sports (in 25 states!), some of our most vulnerable students are under severe attack. And eight states want to impose new “religious freedom” laws that allow blatant discrimination against LGBTQ people to override basic human rights.

Add your name to demand state legislatures REJECT anti-LGBTQ bills as discriminatory and hateful laws that have no place in our country.

Even without these new bills, LGBTQ people face massive adversity. In most states, home to about 50% of LGBTQ+ Americans, people can still be denied housing or lodging, or even kicked out of their home for even the perception that they are gay or transgender. And Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ+ youth have experienced discrimination at school.

We have more to fight for – and must not allow the GOP to move us backwards.

Sign here to tell state legislatures to vote down all discriminatory anti-LGBTQ bills!