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Top Stories for November 1:

Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake mocks attack on Paul Pelosi at campaign event

Former newsreader and noted rabble-rouser Kari Lake made light of the brutal hammer attack that left Paul Pelosi in intensive care with skull fractures in remarks at a campaign event yesterday, drawing fits of laughter from her very patriotic, tough-on-crime, God-fearing followers.

Take Action: Demand Congress enshrine abortion protections into law!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed-up pastor buries Herschel Walker with must-see sermon

The bumbling GOP Senate candidate found himself in the rhetorical crosshairs of Atlanta-area pastor Jamal Bryant, and, well, you just need to roll the tape…

Michigan Democrats on verge of STUNNING development

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Donald Trump asks the Supreme Court to shield his shady tax returns from Congress
The crooked ex-president’s years-long battle to hide his taxes taxes from congressional review is rapidly approaching end-game territory. Hopefully, the right-wing court displays some rare prudence and rejects his flimsy pleas.

Take Action: Tell Congress to add new tax brackets for the megawealthy!

Donald Trump Jr. deletes memes mocking Pelosi after blowback
The professional muckraker and self-proclaimed “Meme Wars General” deleted impressively offensive posts about Paul Pelosi following rare blowback from stalwart enablers in his own party.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect immigrant youths from deportation!

Supreme Court puts affirmative action on the chopping block

The high court’s radical, far-right justices are continuing their precedent-busting march to the federalist fringe and — if yesterday’s deeply skeptical line of questioning is any indication — appear ready to axe affirmative action in college admissions.

Take Action: Demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from democracy-destroying case!

Law enforcement warns of conspiracy-driven violence ahead of midterms
The Republican Party — still taking its marching orders from Trump — is overtly embracing fascism, and there’s a disturbing chance that we could see a repeat of the deadly violence of Jan. 6th during the upcoming midterms.

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Wisconsin Democrats: If we can flip Wisconsin blue, we have enough seats to eliminate the filibuster and protect everything we hold dear — our abortion rights, LGBT+ children, our voting rights, our healthcare, you name it. Can you donate to Wisconsin Democrats and help them reach out to EVERY voter?

Ted Cruz promotes absurd GOP conspiracy theories about Paul Pelosi attack
The Republican Party’s new strategy seems to be openly fomenting violence against Democrats and then gaslighting us about it.

Take Action: Demand Congress kick Ted Cruz off his committees for pushing offensive conspiracies about the Paul Pelosi attack!

Nothing will change on climate until death toll rises in West, says Gabonese minister
The grim assessment is depressingly spot on. The western nations that have played the biggest role in exacerbating the climate crisis have a miles-deep moral responsibility to take the lead and tackle the problem head on — and almost entirely lack the political will to do so.

Evangelical GOP House candidate in Texas wrote a novel about Anne Frank converting to Christianity
Johnny Teague, an evangelical pastor and business owner who won his district’s Republican primary in March, published “The Lost Diary of Anne Frank,” a stunningly offensive novel imagining the famous Jewish Holocaust victim’s final days in the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps as she might have written them in her diary.


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Today’s Action: Phone voters on your lunch hour to keep Congress blue!

With so many close races on the line next Tuesday, getting involved has never been more crucial. That’s why Activate America and Indivisible are hosting lunch-hour phone-banking sessions for Wisconsin Senate candidate Mandela Barnes and California House candidate Rudy Salas, two rising Democratic stars on the ballot this year. Salas stands a good chance at flipping California’s 22nd congressional district to the Democratic column, and a Barnes victory in Wisconsin would likely keep the Senate blue and knock out noted GOP coup-enthusiast Ron Johnson.

It’s clear that to hold the House and the Senate, we need progressives all over the country making calls for these candidates — no matter where you live. If you have been looking for a way to get involved, please consider lunch-hour phone banking for Barnes or Salas. The calls you make just may tip the scales in favor of reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. — everything we’ve fought so hard for! 

Phone-banking is one of the most effective ways you can pitch in from afar. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in any particular jurisdiction to join this fight. Just be ready to do good work!


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