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Top Stories for April 19:

Marjorie Taylor Greene schooled during tense exchange at hearing on COVID-19’s origin

Bringing her weaponized ignorance to bear once again, the QAnon Congresswoman questioned how it’s possible that the US government quickly located the classified info leaker in its own government but still can’t discern the origins of a pandemic that started in a country on the other side of the planet. Dr. Mark Lowenthal deftly schooled her and explained exactly how clueless her “entirely fallacious” chain of logic was.

Take Action: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed up Republican finally calls out her own party on air

The GOP’s unhinged anti-abortion policies have become electoral poison — and some Republicans are trying to distance themselves from their own party’s policies in a characteristically selfish attempt to save their own skins.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to use ALL emergency powers to protect the abortion pill!

America’s kids FINALLY find their voice (WATCH)

Their Future. Our Vote: Gun violence is the number one killer of kids in America, right-wing nuts are banning books in schools, the planet is on fire — and the people most affected have no voice in their government. Until now. Dr. Annie Andrews, a champion for children, is launching a new PAC that will finally give children the voice they so desperately need. Please watch her launch video and, if you’re able, chip in to support the crucial work of Their Future. Our Vote.

Judge who blocked teen’s abortion over poor grades is on the shortlist to become a Florida Supreme Court Justice
Far-right Judge Jared Smith was voted out of office after he made a disgusting ruling denying a 17-year-old access to an abortion because she had a 2.0 GPA. He was rewarded for his deeply unpopular ruling and subsequent electoral thrashing when Ron DeSantis appointed him to the 6th District Court of Appeals. Now, this theocratic psycho’s name is popping up on the shortlist for Florida’s Supreme Court, proving that he is doing exactly what the right-wing expects him to do —and is rising through the ranks because of it.

Take Action: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act!

George Santos left out of McCarthy fundraising group to help NY GOP candidates
George Santos, America’s most prolific water park creator and 2009 winner of the Hare Krishna Hippie of the Year is officially running for another term in Congress. Unfortunately for George and his imaginary legions of adoring fans, the GOP establishment is apparently throwing him to the wolves and is refusing to give him a spot at the blood money buffet.

Take Action: Tell Congress to put an end to Republicans holding us hostage with the debt ceiling!

DeSantis ally died by suicide after being accused of sexual misconduct with minor

For the second time this week, a a prominent Republican has been outed as a pedophile — this time it was a powerful and well-connected GOP donor tied to Ron DeSantis. Kent Stermon committed suicide back in December and it’s now been revealed that he killed himself shortly after being accused of sexual misconduct with an underage girl. Allegedly, he attempted to coerce a minor into providing him with nude photographs in return for Taylor Swift tickets. When the girl’s father refused to accept a “five-figure” hush money payment and went to the police, Stermon killed himself. It certainly puts the right-wing crusade against imaginary LGBTQ groomers in a new light when you see how many prominent Republicans themselves are, in fact, grooming children for sex.

Take Action: Denounce DeSantis and the Florida GOP for their fascist takeover!

Florida teacher under investigation for showing “Confederate History Month” video to school
The so-called educator showed their students a video to celebrate “Confederate History Month” and to honor the “valiant, brave fight” and “countless sacrifices by our men and women,” which is an awfully strange way of describing an army of racists waging a bloody coup against the US to protect an institution of human enslavement.

Top Republican donor issues brutal news to his party

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a great day for Republicans…

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Oklahoma sheriff claims that recording of racist and killing talk was illegal
In a shocking display of shamelessness, an Oklahoma sheriff’s office is now whining that a leaked tape which exposed the the sheriff and Republican officials for openly fantasizing about lynching Black people and hiring hitmen to kill reporters was “illegally” recorded, making it clear that they have no problem with the actual content of said recordings. The sheriff is even predicting that felony charges will be brought against those responsible for the leak. Of course. Because why would we want to prosecute, say, the officials that were gleefully discussing literal murder?

Multiple people charged with burning objects with the “intent to intimidate” on day of 2017 White nationalist march in Charlottesville
At least three of the people who chanted “Jews will not replace us” are finally about to see their comfy houses and apartments replaced by concrete cells and steel bars. We’ve had to wait six years for this because the previous commonwealth attorney chose not to file any charges or investigate the infamous “Tiki Torch” neo-Nazi march, which his successor made a prominent part of his campaign to unseat him. Now James Hingeley is finally delivering the goods.

US conservatives are rallying around Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill
In a twisted perversion of progressive liberation rhetoric, American right-wing commentators like self-proclaimed fascist Matt Walsh are arguing that western pushback against a draconian anti-LGBTQ hate law in Uganda that would sentence gay people to life in prison is “neo-colonialism.” Of course, the fact that these virulent anti-LGBTQ attitudes are a direct result of colonialism and Christian indoctrination don’t matter to him, who obviously yearns to see the same laws passed here. When the right-wing tells us what they want, we need to listen — and they’re telling us they want to eradicate LGBTQ+ people from public life entirely.

Elite cheerleading squad shot after getting in wrong car by accident
Two members of a Texas cheer squad were shot by a rabid gunman after a simple mistake — the THIRD time this week that there’s been a high profile shooting of innocent people who got lost or made a mistake, on top of all the dozens of other shootings the nation has suffered in the past week. One of the girls is in critical condition. The American urge to shoot first and ask questions later is yet more evidence that the public is far too irresponsible and impulsive to safely own firearms.


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Today’s Action: Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency! 

The past few years have produced severe, record-breaking weather events that are only getting worse. If our legislators continue to ignore the looming climate crisis, these severe weather patterns will become the norm. Flash flooding, droughts, wildfires, failing infrastructure, pandemics — all symptoms of a sick planet that will wreak destruction and suffering on millions. 

As if the situation wasn’t dire enough, last March the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a final warning to corporations and the government: we must stop using fossil fuels or we’ll reach the point of no return by the early 2030s. 

This issue goes beyond party lines. Our legislators must come together to ensure the United States is doing everything in its power to reverse the damage done to our planet by decades of rampant fossil fuel exploitation. 

To be clear, it is not the wealthy that will suffer most from these devastations — that burden will largely be shouldered by working-class families and marginalized communities. When life becomes untenable for the majority of the population, the ultra-rich will retreat to luxury bunkers that have been in the works for years. 

We can’t afford to waste any more time. 

Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency NOW and urgently transition the country to renewable energy! 

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