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BREAKING: Second journalist dies at World Cup in Qatar

Top Stories for December 12:

Marjorie Taylor Greene says January 6 rioters would’ve been armed, insurrection would’ve succeeded if she’d organized it

Far-right influencers, white nationalists, neo-fascist activists, and extremist European figures mingled with Republican members of Congress and allies of Donald Trump at a black-tie gala hosted by New York Young Republicans Club over the weekend, where the club’s president declared “total war” on the political left in a very normal, not deeply troubling speech calling for further political violence. QAnon Rep. Greene, not to be outdone, assured the crowd of gathered knuckle draggers that the Jan. 6 insurrection would have totally succeeded if she’d led it, because the rioters would’ve been armed and properly organized to, ya know, overthrow the American government.

Take Action: Kick Fox News off the air for inciting violence against the government!

Donald Trump claims he turned down Russian swap deal for Paul Whelan
The disgraced ex-president, flailing about on his fledgling social network and still furious over the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner, claimed that he turned down a prisoner swap deal with Russia which would have seen Viktor Bout, the notorious Russian arms dealer, traded for Paul Whelan, a former US Marine who is serving a 16-year sentence in a Russian prison for alleged espionage.

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Fox hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

White House ready to bargain over expanded Child Tax Credit
The Biden White House has privately signaled to Democrats that it would support a compromise deal to revive an expanded Child Tax Credit, even if it includes work requirements it once opposed. President Biden oversaw a sweeping enhancement of the Child Tax Credit during his first months in office, delivering up to $3,600 to parents — including to households previously ineligible because they had no income. The infusion drove a historic drop in child poverty, cutting the national rate by nearly half, and infuriating Republicans adamantly opposed to lifting a finger to help the systemically underprivileged and chronically underserved.

Take Action: Tell Congress to bring back the Expanded Child Tax Credit!

Elon Musk suggests Dr. Fauci should be prosecuted and mocks gender pronouns in ongoing lunge to the right
Twitter’s chief twit and newly liberated genderphobe directed his latest thumb-tapped ire at Dr. Anthony Fauci, suggesting in a stupid, offensive tweet — “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci” — that the nation’s top infectious disease expert should be prosecuted. Ok, why not.

Take Action: Tell your Congressmember to co-sponsor the Billionaire Minimum Tax bill!

“There is evidence of criminality”: Jan. 6 House panel meets to decide referrals to DOJ

Members of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol were expected to finalize decisions on criminal referrals for the disgraced ex-president and four of his associates — Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, and Mark Meadows — during a virtual meeting yesterday afternoon. It cannot happen soon enough.

Bernie Sanders says Kyrsten Sinema “helped sabotage” key legislation last session
Sen. Sanders castigated the self-serving Arizona independent following her party defection, calling the embattled senator out for undermining the agenda of President Biden and progressives Democrats, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and reforming the Senate filibuster so that critical voting rights legislation could pass.

Hundreds of thousands of hard-working young people are on the cusp of having their lives ruined by Republican racism

United We Dream: With Trump’s rabid MAGA cronies taking over the House, the clock is running out for the DREAMERs. United We Dream is fighting tooth and nail in the courts to protect this next generation of new Americans from deportation. Can you chip in to help fuel UWD’s legal offensive against GOP xenophobia?

Elon Musk relaunches Twitter Blue with higher price for iPhone users
The tech bozo billionaire’s first attempt to include the blue checkmarks as part of the subscription program unleashed widespread — and hilarious — havoc, as many users took advantage of the ability to purchase a “verification” and flooded the site with fake accounts. The chaos forced the social network to put the service on pause after just two days. Twitter is now rolling out Twitter Blue 2.0, complete with more checkmark colors (!) and a higher price tags for iPhone users to offset what Musk calls the “Apple tax” — the 30% commission levied on in-app transactions processed through Apple’s App Store.

Prominent GOP donor and close ally of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct found dead by suicide
Kent Stermon, who ran the defense contractor Total Military Management and made substantial donations to Republican candidates in Florida, was found dead in a truck at an Atlantic Beach, Florida, post office parking lot last week. Stermon, a close ally of Gov. Ron DeSantis, was under active investigation for alleged sexual misconduct at the time of his death.


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Today’s Action: Tell Howard Brown Health to not lay off workers right before Christmas!

Just in time for the holiday season, executives at Howard Brown Health are planning to lay off at least 60 union staffers — a decision that will not only affect the livelihoods of some of our most important frontline workers, but also the community they serve. Beyond the sheer inhumanity and piss-poor timing of the plan, it will flip the care the company is able to provide to patients on its head. The layoffs are cutting already understaffed areas of the hospital, as well as completely slashing LGBTQIA+ family planning services. The layoffs will leave just two sexual assault trauma care persons and only six therapists to serve 30,000 patients.

CEO David Munar’s milquetoast statement that the removal of 60 staffers would not affect patient care couldn’t be further from the truth. It will drastically impact the lives of staff, their family members, patients, and more. With this move, Howard Brown Health’s management is effectively saying they couldn’t care less about mental health and family planning in Chicago — or the people they employ. We can’t stand for it.

Howard Brown Health Workers United needs our solidarity now more than ever. That can come in the form of donations to the solidarity fund or angry emails to the people in charge, or both if you’re feeling impassioned. However you show your solidarity, do everything you can to tell Howard Brown Health to NOT lay off workers — especially right before Christmas. Bah Humbug!


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