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Top Stories for December 29:

Mark Meadows threw documents into White House fireplace, ex-aide testified

Trump’s election-steal consigliere has been revealed to have burned documents in the White House “once or twice a week,” obviously provoking the reactions of “What did he burn?” and “Gee, that sounds extremely illegal.”

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lying Republican George Santos destroyed by Fox host to his face on air

Serial liar George Santos thought he’d find a safe space and some softballs on the right-wing propaganda network — and got nothing of the sort.

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Jamie Raskin issues bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

State officials warned Buttigieg about airline mess months before Christmas meltdown
As is all too familiar when things go wrong in America, there was plenty of evidence that a crisis was brewing and alarm bells were being sounded. On August 2nd, NY AG Letitia James wrote a letter to the Department of Transportation about “the deeply troubling and escalating pattern of airlines delaying and canceling flights” and outlined various measures that could be taken to rectify the issue — but it appears none were taken. One week before the disastrous mass cancellation of flights and the stranding of countless passengers by the airlines, 34 state attorneys general wrote the Buttigieg team asking them to “impose significant fines for cancellations and extended delays that are not weather-related or otherwise unavoidable.” Flights were cancelled anyway, thousands had their holidays ruined. Now it remains to be seen if corporate America will see any consequence for upending the lives of their customers — but who are we kidding? This is America. Consequences are for poor people.

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Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin announces he has “serious but curable form of cancer”
Beloved New Jersey representative Jamie Raskin, who was just appointed to lead the Democratic Party’s defense against the GOP-controlled House Oversight Committee, has announced that he has diffuse large B cell lymphoma. He is set to begin chemotherapy this week. We wish him all the best in his battle against this horrible disease.

NY Rep.-elect Santos investigated for lying about his past
Long Island prosecutors have opened a probe into the beleaguered Rep. George Santos, who will almost certainly seize the record for the fastest election-to-indictment in the Republican Party’s sordid and disgraceful political history.

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DeSantis administration launches investigation into holiday drag show
Because he doesn’t have anything more important to do, DeSantis and the Floridian government is now conducting a witch-hunt against the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for hosting “A Drag Queen Christmas,” claiming that it was sexually explicit and marketed to children — even though the event was limited to 18 or older unless accompanied by a parent. The performative show of force will do nothing to protect children and everything to rile up right wing nuts to persecute LGBTQ people. If DeSantis actually wants to protect children, allow us to introduce Florida sex trafficker statutory rapist, Matt Gaetz.

Judge says Trump may have been urging supporters to “do something more” than protest on Jan. 6

EPA investigating Colorado for discriminatory air pollution
The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating whether Colorado’s regulation of air pollution from industrial facilities discriminates against Hispanic residents and other racial minorities, according to a letter released Wednesday. The probe is focused on the 90-year-old Suncor oil refinery, which is prone to breakages, leaks, and spewing toxic smoke into the air, likely poisoning the surrounding residents. The EPA is particularly concerned with why it has taken state regulators ten years to “review” a key air permit.

Defining “woman” battle heads to states amid new wave of anti-LGBTQ bills
The GOP’s appalling drive to institutionalize anti-trans bigotry has found its next tactic: passing bills that define what a “woman” is. Right-wing dark money astroturf groups like the “Independent Women’s Forum” are pushing for bills to be filed in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Dakota and Kansas; South Carolina’s state Senate has already introduced a bill to discriminate against trans women and nonbinary Americans.

Kansas police raid hospital room of terminally ill patient
In yet another horrendous display of misplaced police power, Kansas cops arrested a 69-year-old cancer patient who had been caught vaping marijuana to help with the symptoms of his CANCER. Great job, you heartless morons! Another criminal off the streets! Really made the badge proud today, boys.



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